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Andie Anastos Wins the 2018 BCI Award for Female Athlete Who Best Embodies the Characteristics of a Boston College Eagle

Anastos played for the women’s basketball team this season after spending 4 years on the hockey team

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Embodying the characteristics of a Boston College Eagle means being a strong leader, a generous teammate, and a hard worker. Every year, there are dozens of athletes that are more than deserving of this honor. However, it is hard to beat what Andie Anastos did by staying at BC to play for the struggling Boston College women’s basketball as a grad student after spending 4 years with the top ranked women’s hockey team.

Obviously, joining a new team means you have to work hard to train your body to play a different sport than the one you’ve been devoting your time to for 4 years, and Anastos did that. But what she really brought to the women’s basketball team was leadership. When BC Interruption spoke to Anastos earlier this spring, she acknowledged that she knew she was moving from a national championship contender to a team that was in the rebuilding stages. It takes a lot of character to knowingly go from constant winning, to frequent losing.

Anastos willingly took on a leadership role in her first and only season with the women’s basketball team, and was even named captain. She went into the season with the goal of helping with team dynamics and improving team culture. In short, Anastos joined the women’s basketball team because she knew that, because of her experiences on the women’s hockey team, she had something to offer that could help to move the team culture in a more positive direction. Working hard to help your teammates is the epitome of what it means to be a Boston College athlete.

This year, the runners up for this award (who are all also deserving of it) are Tess Chandler (women’s lacrosse) and Kenzie Kent, Daryl Watts, and Toni Ann Miano (women’s hockey).