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2019 NFL Draft Could Be Filled With Prospects From Boston College

How many prospects could be drafted next year?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College had three prospects selected in the 2018 NFL Draft, as Isaac Yiadom, Harold Landry and Kamrin Moore all were taken in the NFL Draft. Earlier this week we looked at the numbers of Eagles selected, and three has been a pretty typical number of draftees. But 2019 could be special, there are a ton of seniors that are going to be attractive to NFL teams. Let’s take a look at these players.

Zach Allen - Defense End/Tackle

Until last season, Allen had been overshadowed by Harold Landry but that all changed when the defense became his. He is dynamic, quick and can play inside and outside, a flexibility that NFL teams are going to drool over. NFL Mock previews already have Allen as a high first rounder, Sporting News have him as high as 6th overall.

Lukas Denis - Safety

He led the country in interceptions last year, and really came into his own as a safety. Great eye for the ball, and a solid tackler, he has been mocked in the first round as well. Another big season will definitely help his stock.

Tommy Sweeney - Tight End

If Sweeney can continue what he did as a junior, NFL teams are going to want him. He hasn’t put together a full season yet, but when he turns it on, look out. Great hands, good NFL speed and blocks well in the run. Have to imagine that if his 2018 season looks like the end of his 2017 season he will be a second day pick.

Chris Lindstrom - Tackle/Guard

Has played up and down the line since he started as freshman. He is bordering on elite, and is probably the most pro-ready offensive line on this team. He has started all four years at BC, and is going to finish with AJ Dillon running amuck. Again, NFL teams are going to want him, I’d expect him to be drafted.

Will Harris - Safety

A fearsome defender, Harris and Denis have become one of the most dynamic back end defenders in the country. Harris can lay the boom, has solid speed and plays well against the run. He may not put up the stats like Denis does, but he should have a solid highlight reel and a good NFL Combine next year will certainly help as well .

Aaron Monteiro - Offensive Tackle

He has the size and girth to be a starting offensive tackle, and you can teach that. His skills are improving though he still has moments where he makes big mistakes. However he is definitely trending in the right direction. A big senior season could see him fly up the boards, however if he doesn’t take that step, he probably won’t be drafted.

Jon Baker - Center

His senior year was derailed by a season ending injury, but he was the anchor for the BC offensive line in 2016. It will be interesting to see how Addazio addresses the log jam on the line, but if Baker takes the center and continues on his pre-injury trajectory he could be attractive to NFL teams

Connor Strachan - Linebacker

Just like Baker, he was lost after an early season injury. He is the field general of the defense, and a consistent tackler and can sniff out plays like a poor man’s Luke Kuechly. While he may not be a top round pick, I could see Strachan jumping up boards with a repeat of his junior year.

Michael Walker - WR/KR

He may not be the most consistent wide out, but he has speed and NFL teams love that. He has been one of the best kick returners in the ACC. NFL teams some times will take a flyer on a speed returner like Walker.

Wyatt Ray - DE

Another player overshadowed by Harold Landry, this will be his year to show what he can do on the field. He has made some big plays including an interception against the Louisville Cardinals and 1.5 sacks twice.

Other Players Who Could Be Drafted Depending on How 2018 Goes
Ray Smith (DT), Jeff Smith (WR), Taj-Amir Torres (DB), Sam Schmal (OL).