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NCAA Tournament Preview: Boston College Lacrosse vs. Stony Brook: Gametime, How to Watch, and More

The only 2 teams to go undefeated in the regular season face off before the Final Four

Kathryn Riley

After beating Princeton last weekend, the Eagles move on to their biggest challenge yet this season - Stony Brook. Boston College and Stony Brook both went undefeated in the regular season, and likely wouldn’t be meeting until later in the NCAA Tournament if the seeding didn’t take travel into account. On paper Stony Brook certainly looks like the better team, but BC has faced tougher opponents this season.

BC’s Sam Apuzzo and Stony Brook’s Kylie Ohlmiller are the top players in the nation so this game should certainly be an offensive battle. Lauren Daly will have to be at the top of her game if BC wants to win this one and move on in this year’s tournament.


Boston College Eagles (20-1) vs.

Stony Brook Seawolves (20-0)

When: Saturday, May 19 @ 1 PM

Where: BC’s Newton Campus, Newton, MA

How to watch:

Live stats:

How to follow: Follow @bcinterruption, @Lberestecki, and @BCwlax.


Goals per game: BC: 16.0 SB: 18.3

Goals allowed per game: BC: 9.1 SB: 6.9

Ground balls per game: BC: 20.2 SB: 18.5

Turnovers per game: BC: 14.8 SB: 12.0

Caused turnovers per game: BC: 8.8 SB: 7.5

Draw controls per game: BC: 16.0 SB: 15.4