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Vegas News: BC Football Line Set At 6 Wins

Will you take the over or under?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

There was major sports news this morning as the United States Supreme Court ruled that laws against sports betting were unconstitutional, basically allowing states to allow gambling again. This is huge as legalized gambling could be introduced as soon as the states clear up the language on what they want to be legal.

Of course this could impact college sports, where now we can look at win totals, and game lines not so much as a “go to Vegas and drop some cash” hypothetical, but in a realistic, this could happen sense. Last week major sports booker BETDSI released their ACC odds, and not surprisingly the Boston College Eagles are right at the Addazio-mean, 6 wins.

I’m not a gambling man, but if I were to put money on this I would certainly believe that BC would be an easy over. They have a ton of talent returning with 16 returning starters, and a pretty easy out of conference schedule, which as long as they take care of Purdue should be 4 wins. You would hope that BC can pull off more than two wins in conference to at least make it a push, and three being very reasonable. But then again who knows, Florida State could vastly improve, NC State could continue in the right direction, and Miami and VT are certainly no cake walks in cross divisional matchups.

If you were a gambler, would you bet on this line? If so what are you taking?