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Frozen Four Bandwagon Search: The Case for Michigan

Frozen Diamond Faceoff - Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Are you still looking for a team to root for in the Frozen Four since BC will not be competing? Then you clicked on the right article! I will go through all of the reasons why you should be rocking the maize and blue and root for Michigan.

Michigan Beat Boston University

Yeah, I know I made this point about Duluth last year. But think about it. Imagine having to go through Thursday knowing that one of Notre Dame or Boston University would have a chance of winning the national championship? That would be a bummer, right? Michigan did us a solid by beating BU, and we owe them our eternal thanks.

Speaking of Thursday...

Michigan Will Play Notre Dame on Thursday, Giving It the Opportunity to Prevent the Irish from Making the Final

Laura made the point that Duluth might have the best chance of beating Notre Dame. That may be true, but why root for the team that can stop Notre Dame in the final when you could root for the team that could beat them in the semifinal round? Why give Notre Dame fans that added enjoyment? Plus, you know, Notre Dame is bad. Michigan has the opportunity to beat Notre Dame. I’d draw a diagram but we can’t do that in our editor yet.

Ann Arbor is a Lovely Town, Filled With Lovely People

Ann Arbor has been widely considered one of the best college towns in America for longer than I have been alive. It is a great place to visit.

Plus the people there are great, and are really passionate about Michigan sports, and don’t deserve disappointment twice in one week.

A Wolverine Would Win in a Fight Between a Leprechaun, A Buckeye and a Bulldog

Come on, don’t pretend like you haven’t thought about this. It’s the only true arbiter of decisions in this realm. A wolverine would absolutely destroy the other team names in this tournament.

A bulldog? Please. A wolverine would absolutely destroy a bulldog. (What’s that? I’m banned from Athens????)

The Notre Dame Leprechaun’s fighting skills are as real as Lennay Kekua. Take the wolverine and the under on the time of the fight.

An Ohio Buckeye is a tree. How would a tree even fight? It’s a tree.

Michigan Hockey Has Won the Most NCAA Titles

I mean, if you’re gonna bandwagon, you might as well go full bandwagon. And why not bandwagon with a team that has won a record nine NCAA titles. That means if they win us hockey scribes will have to start using numerals to show how many titles Michigan has. Hooray for AP Style!

Also if you are asked which college has the most men’s college hockey titles at bar trivia and you win because you read this article, you owe me a beer. I don’t make the rules.

And that’s why you should root for Michigan! Stay tuned for reasons why you should root for Notre Dame.