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Frozen Four Bandwagon Search: The Case For Minnesota Duluth

Reason 1: They aren’t Notre Dame

NCAA Hockey: Frozen Four-Denver vs Minnesota-Duluth Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With BC out of the running, Eagles fans will need somebody else to root for in the Frozen Four this weekend. Here’s the case for Minnesota Duluth...

  • Maroon and Gold Solidarity
    If you have to root for a team that isn’t BC, at least you can root for a team that kind of looks like BC?
  • Redemption
    The Bulldogs lost a 3-2 heartbreaker to Denver in last year’s championship game, and the men have only won one NCAA title (2011). They deserve a happy ending to this season,.
  • Respecting Women’s Hockey
    Minnesota Duluth has a well-respected and good women’s hockey team. We support schools that support their WIH programs. Also, while we will probably hate how good she is next season, Maddie Rooney, Team USA’s Olympic gold medal winning goalie, is a UMD student. This year we support Maddie Rooney and therefore we support her school.
  • Dogs are good
    Minnesota Duluth has the best mascot in this tournament. Buckeyes? What? Fighting Irish? Pass, that’s just a redhead in a green hat. Wolverines? Cool, but... Michigan doesn’t have an actual mascot. Champ FTW.
  • Notre Dame is Bad
    Obviously if you’re a BC fan you aren’t rooting for Notre Dame. And Ohio State and Michigan have both struggled against the Fighting Irish this season, while Minnesota Duluth hasn’t had a shot at them yet. So the Bulldogs might be our best chance at not having to watch a Notre Dame victory.
  • Support the Underdog
    The Bulldogs are sort of the underdog in this Frozen Four, and rooting for the underdog is always fun. Ohio State and Notre Dame were both 1 seeds and Michigan was a 2 seed. Meanwhile, Minnesota Duluth is the lowest seeded team to make the Frozen Four this year as a 3 seed.
    Ohio State, Michigan, and Notre Dame are all in the Big Ten. Minnesota Duluth is in the NCHC. It would be hilarious if the Big Ten sent 3 teams to the Frozen Four and couldn’t pull off a championship.
  • Hometown Pride
    It’s always cool when a team gets to win a championship at home. The Twin Cities aren’t home to Minnesota Duluth, but at least they’d be winning in their home state which is still cool.