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Frozen Four Bandwagon Search: The Case for Ohio State

Many of the reasons I’m now a Buckeyes fan

Big Ten Men's Ice Hockey Championship Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

With the Frozen Four starting later this week, it can be hard watching as a BC fan when the Eagles are on the sidelines for a second straight season. Sports are more fun with a rooting interest, but the four teams remaining in this year’s tournament are all farther west than we’d like so picking one to cheer for can be difficult.

Well don’t worry. After doing some extensive and exhaustive research, I’m here to tell you that your best bet is with the Ohio State Buckeyes. Here’s why:

They’re a Deep, Balanced Team

While the Buckeyes may lack any legitimate blue chip NHL prospects (their highest drafted players went in the 5th round in 2014), they are perhaps as deep as any team in the country. Fourteen different players for Ohio State put up at least ten points on the season, six had double digit goals. None of their players finished in the top 10 for scoring and only three finished in the top 50. They beat teams with depth and because they can get scoring from up and down the lineup, a style that mirrors some of the best BC teams from past seasons. It’s a formula that has lead Ohio State to a 26-9-5 record so far and it makes for some very enjoyable hockey to watch.

They Have BC Connections

BC’s Athletic Director Martin Jarmond came to BC from Ohio State back in June and to this point, he’s done alright by me. Current Eagles Joe Woll and Casey Fitzgerald along with former BC player Colin White won gold in the 2017 World Juniors Tournament with Ohio State’s current leading scorer Tanner Laczynski so who knows, maybe they’re friends. Woll was also drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs, the same team that holds the rights of Ohio State’s Dakota Joshua, so there’s a chance the two will be playing together in the NHL in a few years. Plenty to like here if you’re looking for a BC angle (if you ignore the fact that their women’s team ended our team’s season).

They’re Dominating Teams

A two week break can change a lot of things, but the last time Ohio State took the ice, they blew a good Denver team out of the building 5-1. Before that, they went up 4-0 on Princeton before allowing a few late goals to make the scoreline more respectable. They were red hot going into the long break and their second round game against Denver was about as impressive a showing as we’ve seen in college hockey this year. Remember how much fun it was to watch BC smash Minnesota-Duluth and then Minnesota on their way to a national championship in 2012? That’s what we’re looking at here with Ohio State. Root for their domination to continue in the next two rounds.

They Have to Suffer In Notre Dame’s Conference

We know how this feels. To feel like at any time, Notre Dame may just declare themselves an Ivy League school and hit the road because they haven’t developed a rivalry with Merrimack in 18 months. It’s not a fate that anyone deserves, and now it it Ohio State’s lot in life. I’ll be rewarding them for putting up with this hardship by jumping on their bandwagon and I believe you should do the same.