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Preview: Boston College Lacrosse vs. Syracuse: Gametime, How to Watch, and More

One more win to an undefeated regular season...

Kathryn Riley

The Eagles will play their final regular season game this week, and 1 final win would give them an undefeated regular season record. BC’s final game is against the Syracuse Orange, who gave the Eagles a lot of trouble early last season. Syracuse is having a much rougher year than they did last season and have 0 ACC wins so far, however the Orange have done well out of conference and are currently 15th in the country. This should be a winnable game for the Eagles without too much trouble, but if they’re too busy looking ahead to the ACC and NCAA tournaments, there could be trouble. The keys to success for BC will be strong defense and limiting turnovers.


Boston College Eagles (16-0) vs.

Syracuse Orange (8-7)

When: Thursday, April 19 @ 5 PM

Where: Newton, MA

How to watch:

Live stats:

How to follow: Follow @bcinterruption, @Lberestecki, and @BCwlax.


Goals per game: BC: 16.2 Syracuse: 14.7

Goals allowed per game: BC: 8.9 Syracuse: 13.9

Ground balls per game: BC: 19.5 Syracuse: 16.0

Turnovers per game: BC: 15.0 Syracuse: 13.7

Caused turnovers per game: BC: 9.2 Syracuse: 7.3

Draw controls per game: BC: 16.1 Syracuse: 12.7