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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. North Carolina State: Second Round Preview and Predictions

Eagles take on the Wolfpack in the ACC Tournament second round

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

After a solid 87-77 win over Georgia Tech on Tuesday, BC will take on the North Carolina State Wolfpack (21-10, 11-7 ACC) in the second round of the ACC Tournament today at 2 PM on ESPN.

Stat Comparison

Points per game: NC State 81.0, BC 76.2

Rebounds per game: NC State 35.8, BC 37.2

Field Goal Percentage: NC State 46.8%, BC 45.2%

Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: NC State 116.4 (25th), BC 112.9 (58th)

Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: NC State 101.0 (89th), BC 102.5 (111th)

Keys to the Game

1. Beat the press. The only time BC faltered yesterday was when Georgia Tech went to the full court pressure. This is not the first team to expose BC’s issues with inbounding under pressure. The Wolfpack will no doubt turn the pressure up, and when they do BC needs to make clean passes and take advantage on the fast break.

2. Spread the love. Ky and Jerome will get theirs, but defenses have been all over them all season. Chatman, Popovic, Mitchell, the bench players need to hit open shots when they have them.

3. Focus on today. With first game jitters out of the way, it is tempting to look ahead at the tournament bracket and dream about what it would take to get into bubble talk. Jim Christian will have to impress on the team that it is a one game season every day from here on out. Limit mistakes, defensive lapses, sloppy passes. Let’s go!


We’re bringing in some guest stars for today’s predictions because March Madness.

Katie: 81-80 BC

Laura: 79-76 BC because yolo

Grant: BC 75- NCSU 69

Arthur: 80-79 Iggles

Hoff: 84-78 BC

Russel J. Reynolds-Winston III, NC State Class of 1959: NC State by default, they don’t allow yankee college basket ball teams to play here in Greensboro

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