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BC Athletics Unveil Flight Program For Young Alumni

Cool new program for recent alumni


Boston College Athletics announced a new program today aimed for young alumni, called the Flight Program. The Flight Program, for $14.99 a month or $180 a year will allow graduates of the past ten years to go to any football, men’s hockey and men’s and women’s basketball game they want to attend.

The program is pretty technologically savvy as well, as it runs on your cell phone allowing tickets to be sent directly to the subscriber. According to the press release, you just log in, find the upcoming event you want to attend, click accept seats and boom you are in. Also, they claim if say you and your friend both buy passes together in the same transaction, your seats will be together. And it sounds like you can buy an additional one just for “guests”, that you can send to different friends for different games.

An additional benefit is that the Class of 2018 will be able to subscribe for just 9.99 a month. This is a really cool program by BC Athletics, thinking outside the box to entice young alumni back to the Heights. Hopefully the department continues to think of innovative ways to get all fans back to the different programs.

You can find more about the program and how to sign up here.