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Preview: Boston College Lacrosse vs. Louisville

The Eagles will take on their second ACC game of the season on Saturday

Kathryn Riley

The Boston College women’s lacrosse team plays only one game this week, heading to Kentucky to play Louisville. This will be the Eagles’ second ACC game of the season and the Cardinals’ third. BC started the season with a win over Notre Dame, while Louisville has lost to both Duke and the Fighting Irish.

The big storyline of this game for BC fans will be Kenzie Kent. Rumors have been flying about whether or not the two-sport star will be returning to lacrosse now that her hockey season is over, with many people theorizing that Kent will choose to forgo this lacrosse season in order to play a full season next year. (She will have used up her 4 years of hockey eligibility, but will have a year remaining for another sport. Much like former teammate Andie Anastos, who played basketball this season, Kent could return to BC as a grad student.) As of right now, signs point to Kent taking the year off, but she is listed on the BC lacrosse roster, so neither option would surprise us.


Boston College Eagles (9-0) vs.

Louisville Cardinals (6-3)

When: Saturday, March 17 @ 12 PM

Where: UOFL Lacrosse Stadium, Louisville, Kentucky

How to watch:

Live stats:

How to follow: Follow @bcinterruption, @Lberestecki, and @BCwlax.


Goals per game: BC: 17.2 Louisville: 14.6

Goals allowed per game: BC: 8.4 Louisville: 11.6

Ground balls per game: BC: 19.0 Louisville: 20.9

Turnovers per game: BC: 14.1 Louisville: 15.4

Caused turnovers per game: BC: 8.1 Louisville: 10.0

Draw controls per game: BC: 16.7 Louisville: 12.2