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Boston College Women’s Basketball Blows Lead, Falls to Louisville

The Eagles came out firing, but couldn’t keep up with #4 Louisville

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Despite ending the first quarter with a surprising 23-12 lead, the Boston College women’s basketball team ended up losing to Louisville last night by a score of 87-52. The Eagles are now 7-19 overall with 3 games remaining in the season. If they manage to surprise us all and win all 3 remaining games, the Eagles will end the season with a dismal 34% winning percentage. With 2 wins, they’ll end the season at 31%; with a single win, at 28%; no wins, at 24%. Last season, the Eagles won 30% of their games. BC’s lowest winning percentage over the past 10 years was 23% in 2011-12 - Coach Crowley’s last season as head coach.

As usual Georgia Pineau (22 points, 7 rebounds) and Milan Bolden-Morris (9 points, 4 rebounds) carried the Eagles. Pineau’s 22 points led all players in the game, not just BC. However, also as usual, BC killed themselves with turnovers. While Louisville committed only 7 turnovers, BC gave up the ball 20 times - and the Cardinals scored 35 points off of those turnovers. The Eagles also had just 2 steals, while Louisville stole the ball 10 times.

The Eagles did have a strong game in terms of rebounding, picking up 29 rebounds to Louisville’s 30. Unfortunately, a once game improvement in rebounding was not enough to save BC. As turnovers continue to be a massive issues game after game and season after season, you have to wonder why the coaching staff has not been able to figure out how to fix the problem.