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Boston College Women’s Hockey vs. Maine Preview

The Eagles close out the regular season with a pair of road games

Michelle Jay

After earning a thrilling overtime victory in the Beanpot championship game on Tuesday, the BC women’s hockey team is in Orono this weekend to close out the regular season. The Eagles crushed Maine earlier this season, earning a 7-2 victory, but the Black Bears have played some great games recently and won’t be an easy team to beat. Regardless, BC has enough talent that the Eagles should come back to Boston with 4 points.



Boston College Eagles (26-3-3) vs.

Maine Black Bears (17-10-5)


When: Friday, February 16 @ 2 PM

Where: Orono, ME

How to Watch:

How to Follow: @BC_WHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @ArthurBailin.


When: Saturday, February 17 @ 2 PM

Where: Orono, ME

How to Watch:

How to Follow: @BC_WHockey, @BCInterruption, @LBerestecki, @Salzano14, @ArthurBailin.


Goals per game: BC: 4.3 Maine: 2.5

Opponent goals per game: BC: 2.1 Maine: 2.0

Power play conversion: BC: 24.4% Maine: 10.0%

Penalty kill: BC: 83.2% Maine: 86.7%

Penalties per game: BC: 4.8 Maine: 4.4

Face-off win percentage: BC: 53.3% Maine: 47.9%