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How does BC’s Resume Stack Up?

What does BC have to do to get into March Madness?

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As the season winds down BCI will try our best to give everyone some idea of what BC’s chances are to return to the Big Dance. Today we look at BC’s resume for March Madness

Big Wins (especially on the road or on a neutral)

The selection committee has put a premium on victories over elite teams in the past few years. It feels like the committee would rather you see you beat one elite team rather than 5 different teams ranked 50-100.

In December it looked like BC has the best win of any team in the country after knocking off Duke, who at the time was the favorite to win the title. The Blue Devils haven’t been quite as dominant as many projected but they do stand at #5 in the RPI and are a projected #2 seed at the moment.

The next best wins on the resume are Miami and FSU, both who look firmly in the tournament at the moment. The ‘Canes are a projected #6 seed and the ‘Noles are a projected #9 seed.

While the trio of good wins is impressive the Eagles certainly have some more work to do as these are the only “top 100” wins on the resume.

Bad Losses

Going strictly by the numbers, BC doesn’t have any bad losses all year. Notre Dame is ranked 69th in the RPI and is the worst team BC has lost to all year. The next worst loss is to Nebraska and they are a bubble team for the tournament. Unless BC has a bad loss in the ACC Tournament it looks like it won’t have anything to worry about in this category.

Good Losses

The Eagles have plenty of these. As mentioned above the only loss this year to a team not projected in the tournament right now is Notre Dame and maybe Nebraska.

Opportunities Ahead

The final five game stretch coming up is the most important stretch of games in many years for BC hoops. The Eagles will go against four teams that are either in the tournament or right on the bubble. In addition is the game against Notre Dame which is a team that finds itself in a similar situation as BC needing to finish very strong to get back on the bubble. The common thought is that BC needs to win at least four of five to be in serious consideration for the tourney.

Here’s how the schedule finishes up (RPI rating)

Vs. Notre Dame (69)

@NC State (60)

@ Miami (27)

Vs. Syracuse (47)

@FSU (35)