Men's Hockey Team Departures

So I know this season is still going on and don't mean to jump the gun – but I was thinking about what next year’s roster might look like. Call me crazy but I feel like I see a maximum of 2 players from this year’s team not coming back for next season.

If I had to guess, I would say one of Dudek or Brown, and then maybe Casey Fitz. Honestly though, I see all 3 of them returning. Fitz seems like he would want to do 4 years like his brother, Brown also seems like he might want to follow his brother on the 4 year path and I also see him needing another year to develop, and Dudek started the year hurt and hasnt taken as big a step forward as I think we were hoping to see (could just be from lingering injury) and seems like he could use another year as well.

The only surprise player I can really think of would be McPhee, who has taken a big step forward skills-wise. It hasnt been a crazy year on the stat sheet for him but his game looks MUCH better.

It seems crazy, but I can realistically see the entire team returning for next season (outside of random transfers from guys not getting playing time), and if I had to place a bet I would guess only 1 departure (Dudek - which I still think is very unlikely)

Let's just say we lose 1 of Dudek/Brown and Casey Fitz - I still count at least 10 legit scoring threats at forward and at least 3 higher end d-men. Fitz coming back would be huge for the defense but I think they would be ok with Kim holding things down and Woll having another year under his belt. And with a much improved offense with so many players returning, our improved possession game can only help on the back end as well.

Anyone else been thinking about this at all?