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College Gameday At Boston College: Guessing The Guest Picker

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

With the huge news that ESPN’s College Gameday will be coming to Boston College on Saturday, the next big question is, who will be the guest picker featured at the end of the show? This year we have seen wrestling stars like Roman Reigns, baseball players like Alex Bregman, and actors like Keegan Michael Key take the role. But who will ESPN choose for the BC-Clemson game? Here are some options and names that have been batted around online:

LUKE KUECHLY: The Carolina Panthers play on Thursday Night Football this week, which means that a certain linebacker will have some free time this weekend. He’s a big name nationally, represents BC well, and would be a great selection if the ESPN folks go his way. (Likelihood: Good-Great)

ANYONE ON THE RED SOX: Believe me when BC was considered the ESPN producers were salivating at having a member of the World Series Champions on the show. Who could it be? On Sunday evening it was Mookie, Cora, Brock Holt and a few others that made their way to Foxborough for the Patriots game. Jackie Bradley Junior, Andrew Benitendi, David Price are just a few players that I can think of that went to college football schools. Though it would really stink that ESPN picked a non BC picker. (Likelihood: Good)

PETE FRATES: In terms of representing the school, Frates has done more exemplifying the motto of Men and Women For Others. His ice bucket challenge, and subsequent battle with ALS has been inspiring, and he has been vocal online following his alma mater and their sports team. You have to imagine that his story will be part of Gameday in some capacity, but will Pete be the guest picker? (Likelihood: Fair)

CHRIS O’DONNELL/AMY POEHLER: ESPN loves to have Hollywood actors on, and they are both BC grads. O’Donnell is still a BC fan (he follows BCI on IG HI CHRIS!), but not sure if Amy follows sports. If either had an ABC related product coming out I would think their odds would be much higher. (Likelihood: Low)

KOFI KINGSTON: Current WWE wrestler, and part of the 5...TIME..W..W...E TAG....TEAM...CHAMPIONS...THE NEW DAY!!!, Kingston played soccer at Boston College, and threw out a first pitch at Fenway earlier. However the WWE is currently in Europe and he has dates scheduled in England and Italy this weekend (Likelihood: Very low)

SOME RANDOM COUNTRY MUSICIAN: It seems that whenever Gameday can’t find a good local guest picker they just pick a country artist out of the hat. God, this would be the worst pick ever, ESPN please don’t do this. (Odds: Average)

MARK HERZLICH/MATT HASSELBECK/MATT RYAN: Hasselbeck and Herzlich are both ESPN employees, so that would be an easy choice for the network. Herzlich however was the last picker, and no offense to Mark, he really wouldn’t move the needle at this point for a guest. So I don’t think ESPN will select him. Hasselbeck, same thing, great guy, but probably not the type of guest ESPN will go for in the spot. Matt Ryan has a game this weekend.

The Not Going To Happen Crew:

Doug Flutie: Notre Dame plays FSU this weekend, game will be on NBC and Flutie will be on the call.

Johnny Gaudreau: Has a game in LA.

Well any BC hockey alum, Jared Dudley or Jerry York: Bruins have a home game that afternoon against Edmonton, and all other teams are in action. BC hockey has a game this weekend as well, and Jerry York wouldn’t be all that interesting for a college football show. Dudley will be on a west coast trip with the Nets.

BC Related Politician: Marty Walsh, John Kerry? Not happening given the political atmosphere in the country.

Who do you think