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Boston College 31 Virginia Tech 21: Three Stars

Time to dish out the stars for Saturday’s performance

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

It was a huge win for Boston College on Saturday, as they traveled to Blacksburg and took out Virginia Tech 31-21 for their seventh victory of the season. But what three players really stood out in the win? Let’s take a look.

Star One: Travis Levy

When Boston College was able to finally turn their offense around in the second half, it was Levy who led the charge. We got a good glimpse at what made him Maryland’s Gatorade Player Of The Year his senior year, as he looked lightning quick and countered a physical Virginia Tech front with his speed. He may not be the answer in every matchup, but that is the strength of this running back corp. If it isn’t AJ Dillon, it could be David Bailey, or Ben Glines or Travis Levy. Each back has stepped up in a game this year, which is a testament to the effectiveness of Steve Addazio’s scheme, and the offensive line.

Star Two: Brandon Sebastian

This is now two games in a row that Sebastian has made good plays for the Eagles. He had a huge toe tapping interception deep in VT territory that turned the game around for Boston College. He also made a huge open field tackle that prevented VT from converting a third down. Again, he wasn’t perfect, but he keeps showing flashes that he can be a good cornerback in this league. According to Pro Football Focus he was the second highest rated Eagle in this game, only behind....

Star Three: Tanner Karafa

The big guys up front hardly ever get the praise that the edge rushers like Zach Allen and Wyatt Ray get, but boy did Karafa have himself a game on Saturday. He was excellent, especially in the second half plugging up running holes and really collapsing the pocket on Ryan Willis. Karafa and Ray Smith both really set the tone, especially in the second have when Stephen Peoples became basically a non-factor. Excellent game by the tackle.

Honorable Mentions: Isaiah McDuffie, Korab Idrizi, Colton Lichtenberg

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