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Boston College Men’s Basketball: Meet the Seniors

Boston College v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Peter, Katie, and Toppin have gone through the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors this week, and I’ll be taking you through the seniors today.

Jordan Chatman

#25, shooting guard

2017-2018 Production:

One of the best shooters in the country, Chatman started all 34 games he played in last season, 26 of which he finished in double figures. He was a spot-up specialist last year, benefitting from playing next to Ky Bowman and Jerome Robinson, hitting 87 threes at a 39.5% clip.

2018-2019 Outlook:

Chatman will be faced with more responsibility as the lone senior in the projected rotation. He will always be known for his shooting, but last year showed more ability to take the ball to the rim than he was given credit for. I expect him to show off his handle a little more and become a bit more of a complete scorer.

Ervins Meznieks

#10, power forward

2017-2018 Production:

Mez played in just ten games last year, primarily towards the end of the season and actually played pretty well. He was able to use his handle and outside shot to play a true stretch 4 and his experience gave him an edge over younger players, particularly Luka Kraljevic.

2018-2019 Outlook:

Expect Mez to begin the season outside of Jim Christian’s rotation as younger players like Jairus Hamilton and Steffon Mitchell will soak up a lot of the minutes at the forward positions. However, he may be able to play his way into 5-10 minutes a game if he can consistently play defense and use his IQ to make smart plays.

Gordon Gehan

#20, forward

2017-2018 Production:

The walk on from Dallas only appeared in five games, totaling ten minutes, five points, and one rebound.

2018-2019 Outlook:

Gehan will appear at the end of blowouts, which will allow the fan favorite to take some shots, hopefully in front of his home crowd.