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What We’re Thankful For

The BCI writers share what we’re thankful for in Boston College athletics this year

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Thanksgiving, BCI readers! In honor of the holiday, we’re sharing what we’re thankful for this year. Let us know what BC related things you’re thankful for in the comments!

Laura Berestecki, Editor in Chief:

I’m thankful for Joanna Bernabei-McNamee, who has the BC women’s basketball looking better than they have in years in her first season as head coach. This is just the start of the rebuilding process, but she’s already proven she’s the right person for the job.

Similarly, I’m thankful for Jason Kennedy, who made an immediate impact on the volleyball team as soon as he joined the program. With 1 game left in his first regular season as head coach, BC has a winning record for the first time since 2004.

I’m also thankful that women’s lacrosse gets to have Kenzie Kent and Sam Apuzzo playing together on the same roster for an entire season this spring.

AJ Black, Football Editor:

I’m thankful for salted pretzels and for all the seniors who busted their butts for the football team.

Grant Salzano, Senior Hockey Writer:

I’m thankful for the season-long ride towards a national title or two (even if every year we have to try all over again), national relevance in football again (err, at least temporarily), and for CHEESESTEAKS FROM LOWER.

Arthur Bailin, Senior Men’s Hockey & Men’s Basketball Writer:

I’m thankful for Martin Jarmond. As an alumnus in SEC country, it’s great to have my alma mater being a player on the national stage.

And I’m thankful for hopefully more success moving forward.

Katie Bent, Men’s Basketball & Women’s Soccer Writer:

I’m thankful for BC athletics giving us something other than politics to debate with relatives over the thanksgiving table.

Steve Principi, Men’s Hockey Writer:

I’m still thankful for this.

Patrick Toppin, Football & Men’s Basketball Writer:

I’m thankful for the brief moment when BC had it all: Clemson, ABC night game, Gameday. After my freshman year I prepared for the worst, but having that experience makes any current wins all the better.

I’m thankful for Marty J, who has brought out the enthusiasm for sports that we all know exists at BC.

I’m thankful for Ky Bowman, because no matter how bad this year gets he makes it bearable.

And lastly, I’m thankful for food in the media suite where I can stuff my face because I’m a broke college student.

Matt O’Neil, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Soccer, & Softball Writer:

I am thankful for Martin Jarmond and everything he’s done since he’s been here.

I am thankful that we had College Gameday at BC and I am thankful for Gasson and how beautiful it is

Peter Caliguri, Men’s Basketball & Men’s Hockey Writer:

I’m thankful for Martin Jarmond, College Gameday at BC, and another bowl game on the horizon.

Rich Rapp, Football Gameday Reporter:

I’m thankful for the “Flight” young alumni ticket subscription program*.
*This is not a paid advertisement, but I would happily accept compensation for my endorsement.