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Boston College Men’s Basketball vs. Wyoming Preview

Go Eagles!

Under Armour Reunion Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Boston College, fresh off its first loss of the year, an upset at the hands of IUPUI (ugh), has traveled to Fort Myers, Florida to participate in the Fort Myer Tip Off. The Eagles will battle the Wyoming Cowboys tonight and the either the Richmond Spiders or the Loyola-Chicago Ramblers in the championship or consolation game.

Keys to Beating the Cowboys

  1. Dominate an inferior opponent. It took three games, but BC finally got burned. They let a significantly weaker opponent hang around too long, and IUPUI sunk BC with a forty footer. That shot was a fluke, but that will happen when you let weaker teams hang around.
  2. Control the glass. Steffon Mitchell and Nik Popovic need to keep the Cowboys from getting second chances. Second chances lead to open shots, open shots lead to makes, makes lead to increased confidence, and confidence leads to updates.
  3. Do not let shooters get open looks. Allowing opponents to get threes off has been detrimental to the Eagles in their performances so far. It’s so much easier to hang around when you’re getting a higher percentage of points on threes. Defend the three and WIN. THE. GAME.


Matt: It’ll be closer than it should be if the first three games are any indication. 76-63 Eags

Katie: I predict a 10-point win because Wyoming has struggled as much as BC in their first few games, and because the universe owes BC fans one. 82-72 Eagles

Food and Non-alcoholic Beverage to enjoy during the game

Hello darkness, my old friend. It’s Thanksgiving week, so some hot Apple Cider (with any additions you may choose), and some apple pie or some warm soup to get you through any cold symptoms you may be facing.

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