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BCI Banter: Recapping Clemson And What Is Going On At FSU

All your football story lines.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Notre Dame Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: It was a busy weekend on the Heights, as College Gameday came to Boston College, and the Eagles dropped a closer than expected game against the Clemson Tigers. In Saturday’s game we saw how dangerous Clemson’s defense can be. Eric, welcome back, how impressed were you by the Tigers offense? And can you think of a defense in recent history BC has played that has talent like that?

Eric: The 2013 FSU team with Lamarcus Joyner, Jalen Ramsey, Timmy Jernigan and Mario Edwards was a badass group but I think this Clemson defense is even better. BC has a damn good offensive line but they couldn’t keep that Clemson front four out of the backfield at all in that game. Honestly, BC was only winning that game if it held Clemson to 14 points or so. AJ, Anthony Brown went down with what looked like a pretty bad injury after 6 plays. Are you one of those crazies who thinks that BC could have won if he was still in the game?

AJ: No. I think BC’s offense would have moved a bit more, and got a first down or two here and there, but I think the problems up front were too great for any quarterback to handle. When your front four can cause that kind of disruption, the opposing offense doesn’t have a chance. I’m just glad that it sounds like Brown’s injury isn’t too severe, because the prognosis didn’t look good when Christian Wilkins drove him into the ground. Eric, AJ Dillon clearly isn’t 100%, moving forward what should Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler do about the running back workload?

Eric: Addazio said this week that Dillon probably isn’t going to get better until an extended break like during bowl season. I would cut his workload way down and pick and choose spots to put him in the game. Even Dillon at 75% or whatever he is is still pretty damn good, but there are some points where I think BC would be better served putting a fresh back in the game. AJ, I know you watched College Gameday what were some of the best moments from the program Saturday?

AJ: I thought the whole program, and the way BC set it up was great, especially since the weather was abysmal. They had some interesting BC stories thrown in there, Addazio and the players came across well, and it gave BC some great publicity. Bravo to Martin Jarmond and his entire staff for putting together an unforgettable weekend. Eric, it is on to FSU, they are on the verge of missing out on a bowl for the first time in over 30 years. What is going wrong this year in Tallahassee?

Eric :The talent isn’t quite where it needs to be but that being said it is still more talented than the record indicates. One thing I’ve noticed is that this team quits very quickly. Once they’ve been punched in the mouth and think the game is even a little out of hand they ratchet the intensity down a notch. There have been some games where this team has given a pitiful level of effort. Coach Taggert has even said that the players have to be less about themselves and more about the team. That being said if BC gives this FSU team confidence early it could be a long day. AJ, what about FSU makes you concerned?

AJ: I think it’s just the FSU brand and the horrors that go with it that make me worried about this game. I know they have been blown out by many teams this year, and Deondre Francois might not even play, but I have seen BC lose to this team too many times, and this game is on the road at Doak, which has been a house of horrors, with a lot at stake for FSU,

Eric, one last question, if Anthony Brown is out, how should Loeffler attack this FSU defense?

Eric: Just like he did against Clemson. From the people I’ve talked to that have seen Perry practice he is said to be a step down from Brown as a passer. Let Perry do what he does best and run that spread option.


AJ: Syracuse is up #12 this week in the College Football Playoff ranking, think they take out Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium?

Eric: No, but they keep it lower than the 10 point spread. (AJ: I think Syracuse stuns the world in this one). AJ, now that the ACC Title Game is set, does Pitt stand a chance against Clemson?

AJ: Nope. Eric, last question, how big was last Saturday’s game in terms of BC recruiting?

Eric: It definitely gets BC some national attention which is more than none, which is the amount this team has received nationally the last few seasons.