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Boston College Men’s Basketball v. St. Francis: Final Thoughts and Predictions

ACC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Va v Louisville Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images


Laura wanted to give our regular basketball beat writers the weekend off from doing prediction articles, so she pressed me back into service.

Which is great! I missed this! Let’s do some predictions!

Eyes on the Terriers

Wait they’re the Terriers?


  1. Not a Strong Opponent: St. Francis has yet to play a team at the Division I level, so we have to rely on some stats. Kenpom has a predicted record for the Terriers at 11-19, and a losing record in conference. Considering the Terriers play in the Northeast Conference, this does not inspire confidence.
  2. Distribution of Scoring: In the Terriers’ exhibition (I could say the name of the school they played, but let’s be honest: you don’t know or care), five players got into double digits in scoring. Look for Glenn Sanabria and Jalen Jordan to facilitate distribution.
  3. Don’t Start out Flat: The Eagles came out very, very flat against Milwaukee. These are the games where the Eagles can work out some kinks, so hopefully the Eagles get back on track.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from St. Francis’ Wikipedia Page:

St. Francis confers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Beer of the Game

Brooklyn Brewing Company Lager:

Look I tried to help y’all out by suggesting a great Virginia based beer during my hockey predictions, and ya didn’t like it. It’s fine. I’m not bitter. So drink this. It’s fine. I guess.

Who Would Win in a Fight, an Eagle or Terrier?’re kidding right?


Even if BC comes out flat again, St. Francis is simply not good enough to freak out over.

BC 88-55