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BCI Banter: Talking Bowls, Virginia Tech And Syracuse

What do the football writers have to say about Saturday’s game?

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: What a week Eric, first the Boston College Eagles defeated the Miami Hurricanes in convincing fashion on Friday Day, then they returned to the Coaches and AP Poll, and now the Eagles are in the College Football Playoff rankings for the first time in school history. It’s hard to be negative about this team, how are you feeling about the final month of the season and what are your predictions for the final four games?

Eric: AJ, that was a really nice win. It wasn’t so much that Miami is a great team, but the ‘Canes do at least have a great defense and BC just dismantled it Friday night. My expectation from the start of the year was that BC should get 8 or 9 wins with the potential to get 10 wins. I’d be disappointed if the Eagles don’t go 3-1 down the stretch. AJ, Lane Stadium has been a house of horrors for the Eagles (sans 2007). What do they need to do to defeat a vulnerable Hokies team on the road?

AJ: I think this matchup really is in favor of the Eagles this week. VT has a very young and inexperienced defense, one that got absolutely shredded last week by Georgia Tech, who only attempted one pass. I know the triple option is gimmicky, but if they can’t stop the run, they aren’t going to have a prayer against AJ Dillon and this offensive line. Of course BC isn’t going to need to stay balanced, but if VT can’t line up and stop the run, why change things up?

Eric, are there any matchups with VT that you are worried about?

Eric: Virginia Tech’s WR Damon Hazelton scares me because he is 5th in the ACC in explosive receiving plays with eight receptions of 20+ yards. The BC defense has been mostly good stopping these types of explosive plays, but some of the corners are very aggressive going after INT’s. While I know BC is the better team upsets happen based on big plays and this seems like the most likely way VT could hurt BC. AJ, BC loses if______

AJ: They make lots of dumb mistakes. Even against Miami they made a few (Anthony Brown’s interception was bad), but they were able to recover. Just play a clean game with no catastrophic mistakes and they should be fine.

Eric, final question, AJ Dillon looked great against Miami but still appeared to be a little banged up. If you were Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler, how would you manage his carries so he isn’t overused and lost to an injury?

Eric: It sounds simple but you just have to get out of him what you can and if BC gets a big lead give him rest. I don’t think you can rest him for Clemson or anything like that. The importance of the Clemson game goes wayyyyyyyy down if you cant get a win at VT.


AJ: Syracuse had a pretty convincing win over NC State on Saturday, Eric are they the real deal?

Eric: In a down year in the ACC Syracuse is absolutely one of the best teams with that offense. There are so many teams that can’t do anything right and ‘Cuse has an elite offense and is great at causing turnovers. AJ, a lot can change between now and December, but where would you like to see BC bowling and what teams would be a good matchup?

AJ: I think the Sun, Music City and Belk Bowls would all be great destinations for the Eagles. In terms of teams I’d love to see them play, Stanford would be great, Oregon would always be interesting, and maybe an SEC team like Mississippi State or Auburn. I’m always interested in teams that BC historically hasn’t played.

Eric, fast forward a few years, what NFL team would be a good fit for AJ Dillon?

Eric: I can see him joining former teammate Harold Laundry in Nashville. The Titans love to pound the rock!