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Boston College Men’s Hockey 2018-2019: The Seniors

casey fitzgerald dustin Dustin Satloff for BC Interruption

Name: Christopher Brown

2017-18 Recap: Perhaps somewhat unfairly, Christopher Brown entered his junior campaign with the hopes that his scoring numbers would jump and that he would be able to help pace a struggling offense. He put up 19 points on the season, up just two from his sophomore year totals.

Outlook: With a forward group that looks much stronger than it did 12 months ago, the hope is that Brown can go back to playing in the middle six role that suited him so well in his first two seasons as an Eagle. He’ll be asked to kill some penalties and will hopefully find himself right around that 20 point mark again.

Name: JD Dudek

2017-2018 Recap: Like Brown, Dudek looked to have a slightly bigger role in the lineup as a junior and fell a bit short of expectations. His scoring numbers actually dropped from his sophomore year to last, falling from 22 to 19.

Outlook: Again, the hope is that a strengthened forward group pushes Dudek down a few slots in the lineup and into a spot that he may be more comfortable in. A solid depth player, another season with 19 points would be fantastic from someone playing on the third line.

Name: Casey Fitzgerald

2017-2018 Recap: Casey Fitzgerald was right there with Brown and Dudek, putting up 19 points on the season, albeit as a blue liner. Fitzgerald played in all situations for BC and helped turn around a defense that struggled early on in the season.

Outlook: Fitzgerald will likely continue to play bigger minutes than just about any skater on the team. He’ll play in all situations for the Eagles and will likely be one of the more important pieces in what is hopefully an improved defense. With time on the powerplay and with some added firepower on offense, look for Fitzgerald to break that 20 point mark as he did as a sophomore.

Name: Michael Kim

2017-18 Recap: Kim had an overall very solid season as a junior, scoring five goals and adding 15 assists for a 20 point campaign. He, like Fitzgerald, was asked to play a ton of minutes and rose to the occasion admirably.

Outlook: While he may not be leaned on to play quite as many minutes as he did last season, Kim is still an important part of the Eagles’ defense and will see plenty of ice time. He’s another player that can add a scoring boost from the blue line, and the hope is that he will do exactly that.

Name: Ian Milosz

2017-18 Recap: Ian Milosz did not see any game action last season and has not seen any since playing two games as a freshman.

Outlook: With two goalies ahead of him and with Joe Woll no longer missing time to play in the World Juniors, it’s hard to see Milosz getting on the ice this season outside of maybe a few minutes in a senior night blowout. Still, there’s value in competing hard in practices and with injuries always a possibility, Milosz will need to make sure that he’s ready to go if his name does get called.