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Last Call To Newton Season 2 Episode 3: Not Ideal!

NCAA Football: Temple at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you! Yeah you!

See the Temple game last week? Want some unsolicited hot takes?

Then boy do we have an offer for you!

For a literal unlimited amount of time (or at least however long Podbean allows us to publish stuff), listen to Arthur Bailin and Patrick Toppin’s unsolicited hot takes on the game!

You will laugh! You will cry! You will wonder why Arthur’s microphone is slightly quieter than Patrick’s on literally every episode!

And all that for just a simple click of a button!


For just a few more clicks, Last Call to Newton is now on iTunes! Subscribe here to have all of our #content delivered straight to your iPhone!

Or you can be lazy and just listen to it here (but not on Apple News and Google Amp!).

Anyway just listen to the podcast.

Or don’t and just debate stuff in the comments below.