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Last Call To Newton: The One Where We Totally Stay on Topic

Miami v Boston College

Here at Last Call to Newton, we take our podcast very seriously. So seriously that we put a lot of prep into our episodes. (lol)

During this episode, we swear we had a plan. Honestly. But somehow we got into a conversation about Notre Dame and we eventually got to who would die first in a horror movie.

So, like, just bear with us. We honestly tried to stay on topic but failed. I blame Patrick.

Anyway, as always, the player for this episode is below. If you’re reading on Google AMP or Apple News, it won’t show up, so don’t use those things. Ok? We’ve asked you really nicely. So don’t.

Oh, also, check us out on iTunes! We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get on iTunes. Please don’t let that be in vain.