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Boston College Men’s Basketball: Scouting the Freshman

Let’s Take a Look at the Team’s Latest Additions to the Roster

Boston College v Louisville Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

With the Eagles men’s team kicking off non-conference play next week (!), let’s take a look at some of the newcomers to the heights and their high school basketball resumes.

Jairus Hamilton

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Position: Forward

High-School Career and Team Impact:

Easily the most exciting pick-up by the Eagles during the off-season. Jairus was known across the country as one of the best forwards coming out of North Carolina and held offers from a plethora of historically solid basketball programs (think Duke, UNC, Kansas and Louisville). Yet, the four star McDonald’s All-American Nominee found his home at Chestnut Hill and is expected to be a fantastic addition to the team and should see plenty of floor time this season. In the senior year of his high-school campaign, Hamilton averaged 28.3 PPG, 13.2 rebounds, 3.1 assists and 2.1 steals per game, thus placing him as one of the best scorers and rebounders in the state of North Carolina. This is going to be huge for the Eagles given the struggles they have had in the past collecting boards and finishing put-back opportunities. I think this kid has a massive ceiling and if all goes well, I can see Hamilton as a future leader of this Eagles team post Ky Bowman’s departure.

Chris Herren Jr.

Hometown: Portsmouth, RI

Position: Guard

High-School Career and Team Impact:

The New England native may not have had as exemplary of a recruiting profile as Jairus, but that is not to say that Chris does not deserve a spot on the Eagles’ roster. Coming from Tabor Academy, Herren functioned as the dagger from beyond the arc. As a senior, Herren shot 42% from 3-point land and finished with twenty-or-more points per game in 70% of Tabor’s games. It never hurts to have a little bit more firepower from beyond the arc, so I believe that Herren will be a solid addition to the team. I am interested to see what his driving and passing abilities are, but if he as able to hone in on enhancing those mechanics his ceiling potential will only get higher. However, BC is stacked with guards as the moment in the likes of Bowman, Chatman and Wilson so it is possible that might take some minutes away from Herren in his rookie campaign. Nonetheless, I am interested to see what this New England native is potential of and will keep my eyes open during non-conference play where he is most likely to see the most floor-time.

Wynston Tabbs

Hometown: Leonardstown, MD

Position: Guard

High-School Career and Team Impact:

Another great grab for the Eagles in the offeseason, Tabbs is a three-star recruit from Maryland that listed as a top 150 player in this most recent recruiting class. After viewing some of his highlight tapes, I must say I like this kid’s playing style... a lot. He is quick, can finish through contact and has excellent court vision. As a senior at St. Mary’s Ryken High School, Tabbs finished with 20 PPG, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. I am really interested to see what this player can bring to the table and see what additional talents he can bring to BC’s arsenal of guards.

Hopefully, Coach Christian will give these Freshman some minutes in the first few games of the season so we can all be exposed to what they are all capable of. The season tips off next week on November 6th at Conte Forum against Milwaukee.

Highlight Tapes:

Jairus Hamilton:

Chris Herren Jr. :

Wynston Tabbs: