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Boston College 27 Miami 14: Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

NCAA Football: Miami at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

After a good performance, and overall solid win against the Miami Hurricanes, it is time to look back at the positive and negative aspects of Friday’s game.

Thumbs Up!

Steve Addazio: First and foremost this game was brilliantly planned and executed by Steve Addazio. Even though the score was less than two touchdowns, it never felt like Miami was going to get into this game. On offense, he played it fast and loose, calling trick and gadget plays that Miami struggled to cover, while calling passes on first time more than a handful of times. He did all of this without getting away from his bread and butter, which was to batter that defense with the run, which BC did effectively. And on the defensive side of the ball he and Jim Reid had that defense clicking, and when they struggled (Malik Rosier throwing the slant), they adjusted and made plays like Taj Amir Torres who was just waiting on it. In a huge game, one that could have sent his program in another direction, Steve Addazio had his dudes ready and earned a much deserved win.

AJ Dillon: He certainly is still not a 100%, and had another defender roll over his ankle, but Dillon is back and he clearly changes the complexion of this offense. He made some lightning quick moves, and had another big touchdown

But I think the biggest difference you can see in Dillon is his elusiveness. Just watch the play he made where Miami looked to have him stacked up in the backfield and he evaded the tacklers and turned a seven yard negative into a positive

The Secondary: In today’s three stars I highlighted Brandon Sebastian, but I thought all the corners had a great game. Taj-Amir Torres and Hamp Cheevers both picked up interceptions and most importantly they prevented a quick Miami receiving group from making a big chunk play. By the end of the game Malik Rosier looked completely lost and that was on the secondary for making big plays and putting together some really impressive schemes.

Ben Petrula and Chris Lindstrom: I want to shout out the play of the entire offensive line who made a group of potential NFLers look foolish and overmatched. But the tackles, the anchors of that line both had phenomenal games. Petrula was the highest graded player in the game by Pro Football Focus, and as I said before Lindstrom just continues to make freak athletic plays on the line.

Connor Strachan/Isaiah McDuffie/Max Richardson: They were due for a big game, and he showed up in a huge way with some big tackles, two sacks amongst the group.

Fourth Down Defense: Miami went 0/3, Eagles shut them down.

Gadget Plays: Addazio and Scot Loeffler have never been shy about using these plays in big games, and they connected on two big ones on Friday. These plays are huge because BC needs to get defenses honest in a variety of ways. Using the play action clearly is the most important, but throwing a few of these in seem to be a sure fire way to get some big chunk plays.

Anthony Brown on the Read Option: Right when the Eagles needed it Brown cranked off a huge run for 40+ yards. They really need to use that more, especially with Dillon back. Defenses are all slanting and following Dillon, this play will be there every time if Daz/Loeffler wants it.

Zach Allen: Just a monster up and down the field, it was his huge hit that caused the interception by Hamp Cheevers. An absolute joy to watch.


Anthony Brown’s Read Progressions: Before we get into bashing Brown here, just remember this is a skill that a lot of college quarterbacks struggle with. These are kids that are coming from high schools where they can stare down their favorite target and use their physical gifts to beat opposing defenses. Brown clearly still needs to improve on his reads. There were at least two goal line stands where he either didn’t see Tommy Sweeney standing wide open in the end zone or missed a wide open Sweeney that would have led to a touchdown. His interception was a bad read as well. Hopefully this will be a skill he will improve upon.

Kobay White: He had a big drop that stopped a drive, and a penalty that negated a big play by AJ Dillon. However, he had a HUGE catch at the end of the game to keep a drive rolling, which was definitely pleasant to see.

Difficulty Finishing Drives: BC had a great game, but they certainly left points on the board. Miami clamped down in the red zone twice, holding BC to two field goals. Would like to see BC clean that up a bit.