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Boston College 27 Miami 14: Three Stars

Huge days for the team, these three stood out

NCAA Football: Miami at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday the Boston College Eagles dominated the Miami Hurricanes in front of a packed Alumni Stadium 27-14. It was a total team effort, with multiple players making big plays that kept BC in front. But what players were the stars? Here are my top three players from Friday’s game.


Zach Allen: He continues to play at another level, and looks ready for the NFL. Miami’s offensive line was not very good, and Allen (along with Wyatt Ray) were making plays all game. He pressured Malik Rosier effectively and finished the game with 6 tackles and a sack. While his numbers weren’t very gawdy his impact was felt on nearly every play. Runs were purposefully set to where ever he was not, and his was able to go inside and outside to make plays. BC’s defense has become much better the past three weeks (they haven’t let up a point in the second half in three straight games). Allen is the main reason why they are turning up the level of play.


Chris Lindstrom: What was all the talk going into this game? The Miami defensive line. And what position did we not hear about for most of the game? The Miami defensive line. BC did whatever they wanted when they wanted and Miami’s front seven did nothing to stop them. Against one of the best defenses in the country the Eagles were able to put up 27 points before essentially going into victory formation with 8 minutes remaining in the game. Lindstrom again was the cog for that offense. He is so dynamic up front, he is physical, can pull and it doesn’t matter who is lining up against him he can hold his block. Watching the game you may rightfully be impressed by AJ Dillon’s runs, but in almost every one Lindstrom is making a huge block.


Brandon Sebastian: Now the easier choice here would have been Hamp Cheevers or Taj-Amir Torres who both had game changing interceptions, but I am going to go with the much criticized, but much improved Brandon Sebastian here. Going into this game Sebastian had been a major concern for the Eagles, as he has had some really tough games this year. But in the past two weeks we have seen some big time growth in this kid. Why is he so important? He is a tall corner (which BC sorely needs) who can match up against bigger ACC wide outs. Against Louisville in the second half, and for most of the game against Miami he started to make plays. He started turning his head for the ball and swatting away passes. If he can continue to improve, he could become a very solid if not very good ACC cornerback.

Players just missing the cut: AJ Dillon, Wyatt Ray, Connor Strachan, Max Richardson, Taj Amir Torres, Hamp Cheevers

Those are my choices. Do you agree? Disagree? Leave your top 3 stars in the comments.