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Boston College vs. Miami: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Can the Eagles pull it off on Red Bandana night?

NCAA Football: Temple at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off their bye week, the Boston College Eagles are back home for their annual Red Bandana game against the Miami Hurricanes. It’s a Friday night game, and it is going to be cold tonight, which makes this the type of game where anything can happen. Last year in the Red Bandana game the Eagles came out flying and stomped the lifeless FSU Seminoles, this year they have a sputtering Miami team desperate for a win. With AJ Dillon back, Zach Allen and Wyatt Ray anchoring an improving defensive line, can the Eagles beat the ACC Coastal preseason favorite? The biggest issue for the Eagles might be Miami’s defensive line, one of the best in the country. If BC goes in and tries to pound the rock, they are not going to win, they have to change up the play calling (think USC 2014). Will Addazio keep it fast and loose, or will he tighten up under the bright lights?

Keys To Victory

  1. Keep The Defense Guessing: The last thing BC needs to do against this defense is get stuck in third and longs. I know it is against Addazio’s DNA but he has to throw the ball more than the paltry 20% he normally does. Miami has a ton of talent up front, but their secondary is definitely suspect. Keep the play action rolling and let guys like Tommy Sweeney and Kobay White make some plays.
  2. Make Sure Everything Is Front Of You On Defense: BC is right dab in the middle of the pack in terms of plays of 20 yards or more against FBS Power 5 opponents. Miami has speed, they always do, but their offense is not very good. BC can’t afford to have broken or blown coverages or missed arm tackles in open space. Make the hit and force Miami to march.
  3. Keep Malik Rosier In The Pocket: BC has struggled in the past with quarterbacks who move the ball with their legs to extend plays. Rosier certainly has the potential to have a big game, but I would much rather see BC keep him in the pocket and force him to throw the ball than getting 8-9 yards scrambling.
  4. Cut The Silly Penalties: One of the biggest head scratchers this year has been the dramatic increase in penalties called on the Eagles. Say what you will about a Steve Addazio program but usually they are disciplined and the players don’t make mistakes that hurt the team by causing penalties. This year has been a whole new story, tons of presnap errors, holding calls and other blunders have hurt BC and taken points off the board. BC’s offense could take another step forward if these mistakes are minimized.
  5. Play To Win Dammit: This is it. Really, if Boston College wants to take that next step they have to win tonight. Miami is a team that can be beaten, and are certainly not as good as their Top 10 preseason poll standing indicated. BC is it at home, wearing their special Red Bandana uniforms in what should be a packed stadium. Addazio, play to win this game. Go out there and call a gimmick play or two...or three. Call some plays we haven’t seen yet, rip the throats out of these guys and let the Canes lock up in the cold Boston October night. If it is 4th and short, and the field positions isn’t bad, GO FOR IT. Let’s win this one.

Beer of the Week:

Night Shift Beer: Phone Home. I personally hate peanut butter everything (other than on toast), but I couldn’t get enough of the idea behind this beer. Great Halloween theme, and the logo is fantastic. Night Shift usually nails all of their beers, so if you are a fan of beers that taste like food, this might be your jam.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Rick Ross: Push It. Miami has had quite the colorful history in terms of rap, with Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew leading the way. I will not be picking that group today though, because I would like to not offend half the audience that reads this post. (They are VERY raunch if you haven’t listened, just google their hit songs you will see what I mean). Rick Ross is one of the leading rappers from the Miami area, and this song is perfect for what BC needs to do to win. They’ve got to push it to the limit.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week

Welcome To Boston! Temperatures are going to be in the high 30’s or low 40’s, a little different than the tropic temperature these Canes are used to. They are not going to be ready for that extra sting they are going to get when they are crunched by Lukas Denis, or the way their blood will thicken as they sit on the sidelines. It’s going to be bleeping cold tonight, and one team is used to it already, and the other, well they better buckle up.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Nachos! Now look, you may ask, AJ how can you do this while tailgating, and I have an answer. Just get yourself an Instapot, and a source of energy, whether it’s an adapter for your car or a plug near your spot, or a generator. You go in and put the cheese and fixings in, and four minutes later BOOM, smoldering hot cheesy goodness.

Staff Predictions (AJ got another point, predicting the Louisville score almost to the tee).

The U
Contributor Name Predictions Comments
AJ Black (2) BC 27 Miami 20 Some Red Bandana magic for the Eagles
ERIC (1) BC 24 Miami 20
Grant (1) BC 30 Miami 27 IT'S HAPPENING
Arthur Bailin Ducks 24 BC 14 I want to believe that BC can win this. But I have concerns about the offensive game plan.
Rich Miami 28 BC 20 Fall behind early, open up the playbook and charge back, come up short.
CoachJF Miami 24 BC 21 Eagles win if they win on 1st down. Canes D Line makes that difficult
Peter BC 24 Miami 21 BC shocks the country with a game winning field goal. Dont @ me.

Prediction Poll: What do you think will happen?


Boston College vs. The U: What Are You Predicting?

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    BC by 14+
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  • 16%
    BC by 7-13
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  • 38%
    BC by 1-6
    (214 votes)
  • 13%
    Miami by 1-6
    (73 votes)
  • 18%
    Miami by 7-13
    (100 votes)
  • 6%
    Miami by 14+
    (37 votes)
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