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BCI Banter: Talking AJ Dillon And The Miami Game

What does this week’s matchup look like for BC?

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: Fresh off the bye week we are here again to talk Boston College Eagles football. This week is a doozy, as the once ranked Miami Hurricanes come to town to play the Eagles on a Friday night. It’s a huge game featuring the nation’s top run defense facing off against Steve Addazio’s physical run game. AJ Dillon is back, which is great news for the Eagles, as the offense is built around his talents. Eric, I wonder though, we have talked about this in the past, could Dillon’s return work against BC, with Daz relying too heavily on him?

Eric: I don’t think so. This offense is better even with AJ Dillon even if Daz hands it to him on 80% of first down plays. Dillon is the only elite player than this offense has and the Eagles need him to beat Miami. AJ, Miami’s offense is atrocious, and they have been non-commital about the quarterback getting the most reps. Who would you rather see N’Kosi Perry or Malik Rosier?

AJ: Perry. BC does much better against quarterbacks who stick in the pocket long and don’t take off with their legs. Perry certainly can move the ball with his feet, but I feel like Rosier would make them pay if BC got too blitz happy. Rosier also has had a history of success, I wouldn’t want him to find his groove again against a defense that has struggled. But if Miami’s offensive line doesn’t improve it won’t matter, the biggest matchup in this game might be a bad offensive line for Miami and against a sneaky very good defensive line with BC.

Eric, forecasters are showing high 30’s on Friday night, how much do you think the weather will play a factor in Friday’s game?

Eric: It’s a huge deal. I remember FSU coming up come years ago and the players were distracted in warmups by some snow flurries coming down. Look, NFL teams get gassed playing in Miami in October when its 85 degrees because their bodies are already used to playing in 30-50 degree weather. It works the same in the reverse. Have you ever noticed that BC’s ACC home schedule is usually very light late in the year? The ACC HATES sending teams up here after the middle of October. In fact, this is the first time that BC has had THREE home games after October 23rd EVER!. AJ, BC has been inconsistent in many different aspects of their game. What aspect will they need to clean up to win against Miami?

AJ: My gut says special teams, because the last thing they need to do in a close game is give up easy points, but I am going to say balancing their offense. Miami’s rushing defense is ferocious, and BC can not just line up and run the ball on 1st and 2nd down and expect to win. Steve Addazio is going to need to use the play action more often, honestly, he could run it every play and I bet Miami would still be selling out on the run. Get the ball to Anthony Brown, let him make some plays and BC should win.

Eric, how big is this game on Friday?

Eric: It’s the season for me. Barring an unbelievable upset of Clemson it continues the trend of winning 6-7 games a year.


AJ: If BC wins they need to have a big game from ___________ (name a player and give a reason).

Eric: Anthony Brown. BC offense can’t be one dimensional. AJ, The Boston Globe has a new Aaron Hernandez podcast out, have you checked it out yet?

AJ: Oh yes, other than it produced and hosted by Bob Hoehler, who BC fans know for his annual BC hachet jobs in the Globe, it is really well done. It doesn’t paint Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio in a very positive light either, the story of Hernandez’s recruitment really comes off making the coaches look like they don’t give a crap about the kid.

Eric, who will be the hottest coaching commodity this offseason?

Eric: Jeff Brohm of Purdue is looking good right now. AJ, the U has the turnover chain, if BC were to make their own version what would it look like?

AJ: I honestly hate all those things, they have been played out already and they have gotten out of control (Boise State has a turnover throne?). How about letting the player with the turnover ring that new bell that they brought into the stadium (that new tradition of having that bell in the stadium rules btw).