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Boston College Hockey vs. Quinnipiac: Final Thoughts and Predictions

2016 NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey Championships - Semifinals Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Ah yes.


Out of all the schools to have an overall losing record to... Quinnipiac?

It’s kind of a weird fit for a demon for BC to exorcise. Quinnipiac is hardly an athletics powerhouse, especially for sports that don’t involve ice. It certainly doesn’t look the part in many aspects. For example, QU’s baseball field could be mistaken for a little league diamond. The QU Athletics website cites a portable bleacher section and an assymetric (sic. no, seriously, sic.) design as selling points. No, I’m serious.

Plus their uniforms make it look like the whole team lost a collective bet to wear the ugliest jerseys imaginable in all their games ever.

Seriously. Who picked that font, how much money was this person paid to pick this font, and why is someone with no concept of how good fonts or design is supposed to work being paid to pick fonts?

But, alas, BC hasn’t been able to get over that hump.

Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Corsi, Corsi, Corsi: Quinnipiac is a team that absolutely loves to dominate possession. The Bobcats are always on the upper echelon in college hockey in shot attempt %. Yet, Quinnipiac is about upper-middle-of-the-pack in Corsi this year so far. That’s downright pedestrian for a Rand Pecknold coached team. Vermont even out attempted them last Saturday. It may be possible that the ‘Cats don’t have the players to accomplish this (more on that in a second) but it’s a thing to keep an eye on.
  2. Are these ‘Cats... bad?: I don’t know. But what I do know is that the Bobcats have regressed significantly since BC played them in the Frozen Four a few years ago. Quinnipiac was picked seventh in the ECAC Hockey coaches’ poll and eighth in the media poll. To be blunt, the ECAC simply isn’t deep enough for that not to cause a raised eyebrow or two. Either way, even in QU’s home rink, this is a very beatable Bobcat team.

Oh, also, they have guys who make hits like this on the team now.

3. Hey aren’t you being a little kind to BC right now?: Yeah I am. We need to talk about last weekend. BC needs to shore a few things up. Primarily, BC was atrocious in its own end. The defense needs to be a lot sharper, because a lot of mistakes were made that led to goals. For what its worth, BC won the Corsi battle Saturday night, but it looked like Wisconsin dominated play, and the play in the defensive zone doesn’t help

Random, Definitely Incorrect Fact from Quinnipiac’s Wikipedia Page

Bryce Van Brabant is an alumnus who is a forward for the Calgary Flames.

Wait, he plays for the Flames?


lol he plays for an amateur hockey team in Canada? How long did he play in Calgary?

Six games?

Yeah nice try guys, but playing in Calgary for a cup of coffee doesn’t count.


Natural Light is a option you chose when you have no other good options to pick from.

Kind of like how someone ends up at Quinnipiac.


Which is kind of a self burn when you realize I went there for a year.


The writing staff straight up didn’t make any predictions this week!

Slackers, right?


I wonder if the fact I forgot to send a prediction email had anything to do with that.

Arthur: 5-2 BC. BC can’t fall behind early in this game. It’s going to be a packed house at the Whatever-Bank-Paid-Money-To-Sponsor-Their-Building Arena or whatever, which means things can get out of hand if BC falls behind early. I think they jump out quickly and take control of the game.