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BCI Banter: NC State Post Mortem And Previewing Louisville

A final look back at Saturday’s loss and previewing BC’s upcoming game against Louisville

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: Last week the Boston College Eagles lost a close game to the NC State Wolfpack 28-23. It was a game of two halves as the Eagles looked completely overmatched in the first, with predictable play calling and porous defense. The Eagles stayed in the game with a series of turnovers, including a pair of interceptions of Ryan Finley, a blocked field, and a blocked punt. The offense finally showed up in the second half led by some great long passes by Anthony Brown, and good runs by Ben Glines. Eric, what was your big take away from that game?

Eric: I was surprised that it didn’t seem like NC State changed its defensive gameplan much even with AJ Dillon out. The ‘Pack decided to take away the run from BC and force Anthony Brown to beat them. The plan worked as Brown missed badly on some throws downfield in the first half where he had guys wide open. I read some people burying Steve Addazio on Twitter, but I have to say that the plays were there, Brown just didn’t make them. I think other teams are going to do similar where they will play man coverage on the outside and force Brown to beat them. AJ, special teams was surprisingly effective on Saturday, what were you more concerned about, the defense or offense?

AJ: Part of me wants to say the offense, especially in the first half when it appeared that Scot Loeffler and Steve Addazio forgot part of the playbook, but they improved in the second half. On defense, I was much more concerned. NC State had great wide receivers, and BC had no answer to that, no matter what cornerback they threw on them. And again, they struggled up front to contain the run, as Reggie Gallaspie ran for over 100 yards. They made some plays with turnovers, but a lot of that is due to luck. NC State had over 30 first downs in this game, if they weren’t so busy imploding on themselves they should have won by a lot more.

Eric, NC State didn’t win by a lot, and actually the Eagles had a chance to win this one. What do you think was the biggest blown opportunity in this game?

Eric: The turnover battle and special teams “wins”. It is REALLY hard to win the turnover battle 4 to 1, get a clocked punt and a blocked field goal and still lose the game. In those types of games you are supposed to win no matter how your offense plays. AJ, Louisville got blown out by Georgia Tech on Friday last week, giving up 66 points. Is there any part of this game that worries you?

AJ: Again, I will harp on the defense. Louisville may be a mess right now, and the team seems like they quit on Bobby Petrino, but they have speed and a mobile QB, which could give BC’s defense fits if they don’t play disciplined football. On offense, I think BC could line up and pound the rock and Louisville won’t have an answer. It’s a 14 point spread for a reason, I think the Eagles will cover. Eric, final question. Who is the Louisville head coach in 2019?

Eric: Rick Pitino. Honestly though there are rumors on Twitter that Petrino is trying to get fired and collect the huge buyout.


AJ: Eric, BC unveiled their Doug Flutie inspired throwbacks for Saturday, your thoughts?

Eric: Love the old uniforms and most importantly the old logo. That 90’s scripted font on the current BC logo looks awful. AJ, we saw what we saw out of NC State on Saturday, is there any way they take out the Clemson Tigers?

AJ: I think if there is any team that could beat Clemson, it will be Dave Doeren’s team. Will they though? I don’t think so, especially if Trevor Lawrence is back, and NC State plays as sloppy as they did last weekend against Boston College

Eric, last question. What team has been the biggest disappointment in college football this year?

Eric: For me it is the Stanford Cardinal. Two losses before mid-October and probably should have three right now. I had the Cardinal as a National Champion darkhorse.