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Boston College Women’s Basketball Loses to Clemson in Double Overtime

This is a troubling loss

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 14 Women's - Boston College at Notre Dame Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Clemson is an ACC team that Boston College women’s basketball usually defeats without much of a problem. Before last night, the Eagles had won 10 of the 14 meeting between the two teams. Unfortunately, this season continues to be full of struggles for the Eagles, who lost to the Tigers in double overtime last night by a final score of 65-61. A traveling violation near the end of OT while down by 1 point was a big setback for the team, who had held even with Clemson through most of the game.

As always, Milan Bolden-Morris led BC on offense. The freshman scored 17 points. Emma Guy also had a strong game, picking up a double-double with 14 points and 15 rebounds. Guy’s 15 rebounds helped the Eagles to out-rebound Clemson 47-35.

Turnovers continue to be an issue for Boston College. The Eagles had a whopping 23 turnovers last night, compared to Clemson’s 10. Clemson scored 22 points off turnovers. Clemson also had 19 points from bench players, while BC had only 2.

This is a game that the Eagles should have won. Beyond the fact that this was a winnable game, it is concerning for the future of the program that season after season and game after game the Eagles exhibit the same basic flaws (particularly excessive turnovers). As we have said many times this season it is past time for a change to be made.