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New NCAA Transfer Rules Coming For Basketball And Football?

Tyler Murphy

Interesting new tidbit came out of ESPN today as studio host Matt Schick went to Twitter with this:

“I spoke w/ an NCAA official this week who was “95% certain” transfers will soon be allowed to play immediately in basketball & football. Could be a one-time freebie, plus grad transfer option. So in theory, a student-athlete could play for three different schools w/o sitting out.”

This could be a big change for the college sports scene as players who aren’t happy with playing time, or being a role player could just find another team and switch without any repercussion. However, I think it needs to be said that these players should not have to adhere to the current archaic rules which demands they sit out an entire season. If a kid wants to move on, let them move on.

To prevent chaos he goes on to say that the NCAA would probably need to have a “transfer period” where players can freely switch schools. This would prevent months of instability in programs and give coaches a better idea of what they need to address both on the recruiting trail and on the transfer market.

Who knows if Schick has sources or if this information is correct, but this would really change the landscape of college sports. Of course if this actually happens we will report on it.