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Boston College vs Wake Forest: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Who takes the rivalry?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

College football returns to the Heights this Saturday as the nation’s most entertaining rivalry kicks into high gear as the Eagles and Demon Deacons face off at Alumni Stadium. The past two years have been split, with Wake taking an instant classic 3-0 in 2015, while Boston College got their revenge in 2016. Vegas has Boston College as the favorite, while Bill Connolly has Wake sneaking out the win. But as we saw yesterday with the Patriots and Chiefs, the game has to be played on the field. Can Boston College snag their first ACC win in the post-beer Alumni Stadium era.

Keys To Victory

  1. Keep up the Tempo: Last week Boston College ran an absurd 92 plays, including 42 passes a number Patrick Towles never hit in 2016. I love the style of play, the execution is what needs to improve, which leads to....
  2. Cut Down On Mistakes: As great as the tempo was, the mistakes Boston College made neutralized it’s effectiveness. Anthony Brown’s passes that land right in wide receivers hands, holding penalties, poor blocking schemes, they have to stop.
  3. Prevent The Big Plays: NIU broke off a few big runs against the Boston College defense. BC can’t afford to let this happen against Wake. Make the sure tackle, stay true to your assignments, and please no more late hit penalties.
  4. Bring The Heat: BC didn’t get home for a sack last week, but they certainly brought the pressure. Especially if Wake decides to start John Wolford, bring the house at him. In the past BC has had good success against pro-style quarterbacks and this could be in their advantage.
  5. Solid Special Teams: A lot has been made of Colton Lichtenberg, but the other special teams areas need improvement this week. Mike Knoll can certainly improve, and let’s hope that the return game improves as well. Field position could be key at points of this game, and this is an area BC needs to win.

Beer of the Week:

Beer of the Week: Shipyard Export Ale. You folks have asked, and I have again answered. Another “lighter” beer that isn’t an IPA, but has infinitely more flavor than say cold piss like Natty Light, which is great if you are 19 or hate beer. Shipyard is a light ale, like Molson but pretty damn tasty, and with a lower APV it’s good for quite a few.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

GZA- Shadow Boxin’: Just feeling like this game is going to be a grimey, slug fest and nothing says that more than the Wu-Tang Clan. If anyone really loves my work, could they buy the Wu-Tang album that Martin Skreli has? It’s only two million dollars. Come on....

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

Going into this season all the worries were about the place kicker. What did we get in game one? Colton Lichtenberg, who was absolutely automatic, going 3-3. What a game by the kicker!

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Breakfast Burritos. It’s an early morning game, and breakfast is of the essence. Grab a couple dozen eggs, some sausage, cheese, potatoes and peppers/onions and you have an instant classic. If you haven’t already go out and invest in a hot pot. Basically you just pour boiling water into the outer ring of it, and it will keep whatever is in the inner pot nice and hot.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine: Matt and Coach were the closest to the actual score of the NIU game and both gained a point in our competition.

Matt O (1): 21-13 BC

Coach JF (1): Boy this kills me but 24-21 Wake

Grant: BC 27 Wake 20 TAKE THE OVER KIDS

AJ Black: 24-21 Boston College. Close game, but BC hits another late game field goal to win it and Eagles fans leave happy.

Arthur B: 14-10 Iggles

Eric H: BC 24 Wake 17. BC takes care of business at home

Laura B: 17-7 BC

Joe P: no prediction

Patrick T: 21-20 BC. It’ll be ugly, but a win is a win.

BC Superfan Thermometer: 8/10

Last week was definitely not great, but it seemed like there is potential. Another week of practice and some chances to fix their mistakes? I’m still excited.

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