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First Home Game Tailgating Guide For Boston College Fans

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NCAA Football: Florida State at Boston College Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday is another opening kickoff, the first home game, and for those of us who make the weekly trip to Boston College to tailgate it’s a sacred and exciting day. As we stuff our cars and vans with all the food, drink and entertainment for the day it’s easy to forget an essential that’ll bring your tailgating game up to another level. But at BC Interruption, we have you covered. Here is your checklist for Saturday’s game:

  1. Food: There are multiple options for food here, and I’m just going to level with you and give the creme de la creme. First, if you are tailgating where you can grill bring two meals with you. Morning, bring eggs, cheese english muffins along with sausage/bacon/ham. Put those bad boys on the grill, cook ‘em up and you have a hot breakfast for all of your guests. For after the game, or kickoff gets closer, make sure to bring hotdogs/hamburgers and sausage as well. For picking, I swear by Buffalo Chicken Dip a staple at my tailgates. Pack some finger foods as well, chips, crackers and cheese etc.
  2. Drinks: If you have been following BCI you know I’m a big proponent of beer at tailgates, but I understand that isn’t for everyone. Early morning tailgates need a few other options including mimosas, a box of Joe from Dunkin Donuts and of course water. In terms of the beer, it’s an early afternoon game, so I’d wary of IPAs, go with something a little smoother. Maybe a Guinness or something light. Don’t go too heavy on the alcoholic drinks, because remember Alumni Stadium serves beer now! Wooooooooooooo.

3. Music: I live and die with Spotify, it gives you unlimited potential of creating some killer playlists for any group. I have a country, pop and rock playlist that I can bring out depending on the crowd.

My biggest issue was finding a bluetooth speaker that wasn’t overly expensive, and had good sound for the outdoors. Boy did I find a great one this year. Nima Speakers, founded by Nima Saati has a licensing deal with the NCAA, and created the perfect tailgating speaker. Fantastic sound, great volume, and you can charge your phone off of it. I used it at the beach this summer, and was impressed that a smaller speaker can have such nice quality high volume sound, and can’t wait to try again this tailgating season. And isn’t a BC helmet better than some of the other options out there? If you are looking for the perfect tailgating speaker, this is it.

Entertainment: Beer pong is just asking for GameOps to bother you, and it’s a bit tight for games like Can Jam and Ladder Golf. You have to go with the standard here, cornhole if you have the space, and a good ole football.

Other Tips:

  • Remember don’t get to campus too early, unless you want a friendly security guard to tell you to go away. But if you can get your timing right, you can find a great spot, and have a
  • Pack up a half hour early, or again you will be greeted by smiling officers who will kindly tell you to pack up.