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Boston College vs Central Michigan: Final Thoughts And Predictions

Go Eagles!

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After last week’s close game/drubbing at the hands of the Clemson Tigers, the Boston College Eagles return to the “friendly” confines of Alumni Stadium to face the Central Michigan Chippewas. Boston College has been hit by the injury bug, something Steve Addazio has made abundantly clear in his press conferences, losing linebackers Connor Strachan and Max Richardson this week. But this is CMU, and BC should roll over a team that took overtime to beat URI. But again, this is BC, should anything ever be taken for granted?

Keys To Victory

  1. Prevent the Big Plays: BC did a superb job of this for three quarters against Clemson last week, and then just got worn down by the final frame. Central Michigan has a good offense, ranked #45 in the country. With huge question marks at the linebacker position, BC’s front is going to need to make sound tackles and prevent plays getting to the second level.
  2. Sound Offense: Look we can yell and scream about Addazio’s offensive scheme, but at this point it is what it is. He isn’t changing. Therefore, BC needs to make sure they sustain drives, and hopefully this will be the first game with some explosive plays.
  3. Win Turnover Battle: CMU is going to make mistakes, especially if Harold Landry is all over the QB all game. Make those interceptions, recover fumbles and take advantage of the short field.
  4. Work on the “unconventional”: Please don’t just rely on the Jon Hilliman run into the back of his blockers play for the bulk of the plays. Try some deeper passes, let Anthony Brown get some chances, take a few extra shots. This is the time to do it.
  5. Get experience for the kids: If BC jumps up to a larger early lead, this is the perfect game to rest some of the starters, and get some other players in there to see how they click. I’d love to see a healthy dose of Travis Levy, Nolan Bergerson and Ben Glines out there.

My Non-IPA Beer of the Week:

Clown Shoes Brewery. A very appropriate beer.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Mystikal- Been So Long. A song dedicated to Addazio and the offensive gameplan. It’s been so long since they have put together a solid game. Please let it change tomorrow. Pretty please.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

It’s Central Michigan. Not Clemson. Not Wake Forest. Not Notre Dame. There is no reason they lose this game. Right?

Pregame Food Of The Week-

If the game doesn’t excite you, the Steak and Cheese should. The food of the Gods, as long as you have some good meat in this, there is no way you can screw this up. I used to love getting this at Lower with chipolte sauce, american cheese, mushrooms and peppers. All of this talk is making me hungry.

Predictions (Coach is the man, and again he came closest with his predictions last week against Clemson).

Coach JF (3): BC 31 CMU 16. A different animal then what we’ve seen so far this year. A passing team and a weaker defense. BC gets a much needed win

Matt O (1): 27-10 Eags. Offense clicks, Landry/Allen dominate a small offensive line and force some turnovers.

AJ Black (1): 28- 10 BC. Brown is successful through the air and then Daz pounds the Chips into oblivion.

Grant: BC 31 CMU 3. I do not know why

Arthur B: 14-0 Iggles

Eric H: BC 34 C Michigan 20. Eagles run for 250 on the ground and Addazio gets to puff his chest all week

Laura B: 21-10 BC

Michael Gualtieri: 24-10 BC

Patrick T: 17-3 BC

BC Superfan Thermometer: 1/10

The second MACrifice of the year. This one should be an easy win for the Eagles. It’s hard to get up for these games when they haven’t looked good for four quarters against any of the other three teams they faced.

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