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END OF 1: Notre Dame Leads BC Football 7-3

The Eagles took a lead... But it didn’t last long.

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The Eagles showed some promise early on, but ultimately go into our first break here at Alumni Stadium trailing by 4.

An early three-and-out forced by the BC defense set the Eagles up with excellent field position near midfield, and then the Eagle offense picked up three first downs, including a pair by freshman running back A.J. Dillon.

The drive would stall, and BC settled for a 38-yard Colton Lichtenberg field to go up 3-0.

That lead would last roughly 30 seconds, as a 3rd and two dive play turned into a 56-yard gain by Notre Dame's Josh Adams. After the seas parted for Adams, Brandon Wimbush kept it on the read option for a two-yard score.