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Last Call to Newton: EVERYTHING IS FINE

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Well. That was bad.

As we look forward to the Boston College Eagles’ upcoming game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Arthur and Patrick look back to last week’s game against Wake Forest, and break down what went wrong. (Spoiler: a lot on offense)

Patrick and Arthur also discuss BC’s upcoming game against Notre Dame, and wonder aloud whether BC has a chance against one of the nation’s better football programs.

Patrick and Arthur also discuss BC’s bowl chances, (hint: they’re good) and what should be considered a successful season for the team this year.

Finally, Arthur and Patrick discuss food, as is tradition, and Arthur laments the lack of proper Italian food in Georgia, not that he has actually looked or tried anything.

It’s a great episode. You should listen. Or not. But you should. It will make you a better person. Or not.

Getting to 150 words is hard.