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Wake Forest 34, BC 10: The Key Play

Where did things fall apart for the Eagles?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Losing weeks have the worst Key Plays. This week is no exception.

Things got ugly in a hurry for the Eagles and it was an embarrassing loss. But toward the end of the half, the Eagles actually managed to look pretty good, if only for a short stretch. Unfortunately, things came apart all at once and the Eagles were cooked.

1:44 remaining in the 2nd quarter
2nd & 4 at the Boston College 23

Anthony Brown pass intercepted by Essang Bassey at the BC 30 — TOUCHDOWN WF
WF 21, BC 7

As bad as things started for BC, the were actually in the midst of a solid turnaround when this happened. After Wake Forest scored to go up 14-0, BC forced the Deacs to go 3 and out on their next possession, stormed 57 yards down the field on 8 plays for a touchdown, and held Wake to a four play drive on their next possession.

That set up the Eagles for another two minute drill with a timeout remaining, and BC looked poised to break through and quite possibly tie the game up at halftime. After an Anthony Brown scramble for 6 yards to start the drive, though, the Eagles truly blew it.

This one play managed to showcase just about everything that went wrong for the Eagles on Saturday all at once.

  • First, while the offensive line did give Brown enough time to throw the ball, it was only because the play was designed to be a quick pass. Even so, an Eagle lineman is pushed into Brown immediately after he releases the ball. It didn’t affect the throw directly, but it still wasn’t good.
  • Next, Brown’s pass is not good. This sort of play should be the bread and butter for the Eagles passing offense with a freshman under center, and it’s botched. Brown throws the ball behind Kobay White, and it goes right through his hands and into the breadbasket of Bassey. From there it’s a pretty easy jaunt to paydirt.
  • Kobay White’s going to have a great career at BC, and yes, the ball was launched behind him on a rocket — but a pass going through the hands of a receiver turned into a recurring theme all afternoon, and the game might have turned out differently if the Eagles caught the football.

The Pick 6 really took the wind out of BC’s sails. It might be hard to remember now, but the Eagles really did start to look good at this point... I guess right up until they didn’t.

Football, man.