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Boston College vs. Notre Dame: Weekly Kickoff

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week left a bad taste in the mouth of BC fans everywhere as Wake Forest slapped around the Eagles 34-10 in front of an estimated 35k at Alumni Stadium. The team and coaching staff were left licking their wounds after being completely outmatched in every aspect of the game.

The learning curve and recovery is going to have to be quick though as BC has a bigger foe to face, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Fresh off their heart breaking loss to the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday evening, Brian Kelly and company are going to want revenge. BC is going to have to play the role of a scrappy underdog in this game, as current Vegas odds have them at +13.5.

Can they pull off an upset and wash the taste out of their mouth from last week’s game. As we kick off this week’s game let’s look at the Top 5 Underdog victories in movies and the lessons Boston College can take from them. . And screw Rudy, that isn’t going on this list.

5. Cleveland Indians Wins Pennant: Major League. Lesson: Even struggling teams can still turn it around. In Major League, the hapless Cleveland Indians find their identity halfway through the season on way to the pennant. Boston College is kind of in the same predicament to start the season, they need to figure out who they are and they need a coach like Lou Brown to turn the team around.

4. Tune Squad Defeats Monstars: Space Jam. Lesson: Don’t be intimidated by the ferocious opponent in front of you. Notre Dame’s defense is scary, and believe me, if Anthony Brown makes the mistakes he made last week, and the offensive line struggles, they are in for a world of hurt. The Fighting Irish let up around 300 yards to a strong Georgia offense, but BC can’t be intimidated. Keep things open, try plays down the field, and even though they are hulking over you like the Monstars don’t let Notre Dame dictate the game.

3. The Slobs Defeat The Snobs: Caddy Shack. Lesson: Don’t give up, the game is never over. Last weekend Boston College hung around, even after they made a handful of brutal turnovers. They are going to need to keep that up if they start off sloppy against Notre Dame. Emotions are going to run high, because there is a strong possibility that half the crowd is going to be Sully from Southie, a huge Irish fan because you know dood they are Irish and I am Irish. And hopefully Addazio has a mantra of Gunga Galoonga in his head the entire game.

2. Rocky II: Rocky Defeats Apollo Creed. Lesson: Don’t let past failures dictate this game. We all remember how Rocky I ended, the upstart underdog gave everything he had, but in the end it was not enough to take down the cocky champion. Just think of this as BC/ND from 2015. BC was heavily the underdog against the champs, and gave them a great showing, but it wasn’t enough. Now some of these players should know that Brian Kelly and the Irish can be beaten. Forget about Wake Forest, learn from your mistakes and move on, and maybe attempt #2 against the Fighting Irish will go your way.

  1. US Defeats The Russians: Miracle Lesson: Play Your Best Game, Play Together And Anything Is Possible. The US Hockey Team defeating Russia in the Olympics is arguably the greatest upset in modern sports. How did they do it? They played as a team. Boston College is going to need a whole team effort to defeat the Russians, I mean Fighting Irish. The offensive line needs to play as a unit. Addazio has to channel his inner 2014 USC game with his play calling, the defense has to improve and can’t let Brandon Wimbush pick them apart. It can happen. But will it? That we shall see on Saturday afternoon.