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Wake Forest 34 Boston College 10: Thumbs Up And Thumbs Down

Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Unfortunately after a game like yesterday’s a post like this is pretty easy to write. One side is clearly going to be filled, while the other is going to pretty sparse. I can promise you the Thumbs Up are only there after I thought REALLY hard about this game and tried to find something positive about it. It wasn’t easy, but here it is


A.J. Dillon: There is absolutely no reason for Steve Addazio to use anyone but Dillon as his feature back. He is explosive, quick and sheds tackles, something that can’t be said for Jon Hilliman. That being said, he can only be effective when opposing defenses aren’t sitting on the run, which they constantly are.

Colton Lichtenberg: He now is 4/4 for on the season! Progress!!!

Yup, that is all I got on that.


Steve Addazio: Pretty incredible that all the good will gained by a solid road win to start the season can vanish so quickly, but that is what happens when you lose to Wake Forest by 24 at home. Vanilla play calling that a Pop Warner coach could have called, mistakes (illegal procedure FFS), and not having the team prepared for a game that should have been so lopsided. The crowning moment of the game was when BC had the ball on 2nd and 7 I believe, and threw an incompletion, was called for a five yard penalty and Clawson DECLINED IT. That was basically a “I don’t respect your offense” moment, and who can blame him? I don’t know what else to say about this embarrassing game but Addazio has had five years to make this a competitive team and from what I saw yesterday I don’t see that, and that is on him.

Jim Reid: So one game with missed tackles, poor lane assignment and bad coverage schemes might be a fluke, but it looked even worse yesterday than it did against NIU. The Demon Deacons gashed BC on the ground, and John Wofford looked like Lamar Jackson on his touchdown run. There is far too much talent on this team for this defense to be playing the way that is.

Jon Hilliman: Yes he had BC’s only touchdown of the day, but his runs into the heart of the defense are soul crushing at this point.

Boston College Wide Receivers: Anthony Brown certainly did not have a good game, but two of those interceptions were on his wide receivers. Kobay White, who for the entire first half was completely invisible, had one deflect off his fingers, and the other was when he fell down on his route. Jeff Smith dropped a relatively routine touchdown pass as well. Just a bad game by a group that needed to rebound.

Anthony Brown: While two of the big mistakes were caused by the wide outs, Brown still didn’t have a great game either. His final interception, was thrown with no one in the area. I was just surprised Addazio didn’t pull him earlier. That being said, from what I saw, Darius Wade isn’t an answer either. He looked even more not ready than Brown did.

Offensive Line: The same issues were there that we saw last week. Though part of it I think goes back to the predictability of the play calling, BC couldn’t hold a block and they looked terrible against Wake Forest. And of course there was yet another botched snap, this time by Ben Petrula. This is a major issue, and against Notre Dame, a team that held Georgia to 300 yards, this could get ugly.

Beer Lines: If you didn’t make it to the game, here is the brief synopsis of this. You could get Bud or Bud Light, which is fine I guess, but I kid you not, I left to grab a brew with 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and it took me no lie a half hour to get one. When BC is playing like they were, that is bad.