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Boston College vs. NIU: Final Thoughts And Predictions

NCAA Football: Maine at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Excitement is brewing for Boston College fans as finally the 2017 season is upon us. It’s a Friday night game, which means we all have to put on our big boy/girls boots and stay up late to watch some #MACtion football. Game one, NIU, a team that has been an upset machine in the last ten years, but this isn’t your Jordan Lynch & Dave Doeren team. BC needs to go out there and win this one, and set the tone for the season. The million dollar question is, can they?

Keys To Victory

  1. Push Tempo To Start The Game: Addazio has been talking about moving the tempo of this team to a much quicker pace. Now don’t get it twisted, if you are expecting a Chip Kelly at Oregon or Dabo Swinney paced offense you are going to be very disappointed. What we will see is what we saw the first half of the Quick Lane Bowl, they will huddle, and quickly get to the line of scrimmage. NIU has a defense that is ripe to be pushed around, gas them early and put them on their heels.
  2. Avoid Costly Turnovers: BC’s defense should be able to handle NIU’s front line. What they can’t do is be put in difficult and short field situations. Darius Wade slash Anthony Brown need to be careful with their passes and not give NIU and their fans something to cheer about.
  3. Bully the NIU front line: NIU has a MAC level offensive line, no matter how good they are, remember that. They also will be starting a first time quarterback. Oh and on BC’s side is arguably the best defender in the country. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Could cause Daz-istrous consequences for the Huskies.
  4. Feature Tommy Sweeney: With either Wade or Brown starting, they are going to need their safety valve as they both may have some early game jitters. Tommy Sweeney is going to be a force out there, feed him early.
  5. Don’t Play Scared: Addazio this one is for you. Go out there and hit them in the face, and then as they stagger, continue to pummel them. Be aggressive, don’t play conservative and even if you have a lead, continue to build on it.

Beer of the Week:

Troeg’s Coffee Head Stout: For most of us that are no longer in college, and have to work, this is going to be a long night. Naps probably will be in order for some, but a strong coffee stout should do it for the rest. Nice and smooth, not slammable, but what beers do I ever pick that are?

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Chance The Rapper ft Lil Wayne: No Problem.



Just a great track to get you amped up for another season of college football.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:


Seriously though, I believe that Boston College may have an offense this year that may be fun to watch! That in itself is really exciting. And also? HAROLD LANDRY IS GOING TO STRAIGHT UP DESTROY TEAMS.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Most of us are going to be watching this game in one of two places. Our homes, or at a bar. Nachos are a cant miss food at either. If you are making it at home, make sure to add extra black olives, jalapenos and some pork, beef or chicken. Make two plates if you plan on sharing it with someone else.

Fire up that BCI Prediction Machine: Grant was our winner last year, who can take him down in 2017?

Grant: 27- 14 BC. Hope springs eternal. Our defense should be great again. Our offense should be better. I think we're going to see the start of the rise of a respectable BC. The Eagles should handle NIU, and if they make it a smooth win, this should be a season to look forward to. God, I am excited...

Coach JF: BC 24 NIU 16

AJ Black: 24-10 BC. I really think NIU is going to have trouble moving the ball against this defense, Daz jumps out an early lead with some big plays, then is content to just sit on the ball the 2nd half and bleed the clock.

Arthur B: Ah the beginning of the new season. Everyone had such hope, such promise. This is a game that BC should win, so I'm going to say they won't. 27-20 Northeastern (sic). (editors note: Shut up Bailin)

Eric H: BC 27 NIU 20. BC pounds the rock all night and forces NIU to submit

Laura B: BC 27 (solely because this game is on my 27th birthday hbd to me)NIU 21 (because nobody else has picked this score yet. Idk go eagles.)

Matt O: 21-17 BC despite a couple of missed 25-30 yard field goals

Joe P: BC 23 NIU 13. These aren't your big brother's Huskies, so don't let NIU's reputation as a traditionally outstanding mid-major fool you. BC should be able to establish the run and clamp down on NIU defensively. If all goes according to plan, it could be the perfect first game for whoever starts at quarterback.

Patrick T: BC 20 NIU 13. The offense looks better and the defense looks more or less the same, but miscues keep the Huskies in the game far longer than is comfortable. It'll be a win, but not the one BC fans are hoping for.

BC Superfan Thermometer: 7/10

Will BC be improved? Has Addazio learned how to run an effective offense? Or will 2017 be more of the same? I think we are all nervous to find out!

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