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Wide Receiver Kobay White Could Break Out In 2017.

Boston College needs play makers and he could be one., Jon Quackenbos

Each summer as Boston College football continues their practices, reporters and fans alike scour practice reports to find information on this year’s team. Of course the coverage focuses a lot on the players we know, quarterbacks like Darius Wade and Anthony Brown, defensive stars like Zach Allen, Isaac Yiadom and Harold Landry. But names start to creep in, players that are poised to have a break out year and help this year’s football team. Redshirt freshman wide receiver Kobay White might be one of those players.

It seems like every report that comes out of the Heights has White making some big catch. Yesterday he caught a “perfect deep ball” from Darius Wade, on Saturday he made a big catch on a “rocket” from Anthony Brown. The list of big plays this past week goes on and on, even catching the eye of BC Assistant AD Jason Baum who was very impressed with his play.

Kobay White could be a game changer for the Eagles. Last season BC had some speedy receivers in Michael Walker and Jeff Smith, but both struggled with drops something the entire team was plagued by. Charlie Callinan again did a serviceable job as a junior, but he still hasn’t shown that he can be a go to wide receiver game in and game out. White on the other hand seems like a play maker. He’s not a huge kid, only 5’11, but from all reports he seems to have great hands, Addazio says he’s very fast, and has a knack for getting up there and getting the ball .

With Boston College installing more into their “throw game”, White could be crucial to their success. If he is playing so well this early, he probably will crack the two deep right away, and should get playing time right away. If Smith/Callinan/Walker dropped ball issues have improved at all, and Chris Garrison is back closer to 100%, this could be the most talented group of wide receivers in years. Add in Ben Glines, Christian McStravick, a healthy Nolan Borgersen and Tommy Sweeney and BC should have no excuse to avoid throwing the ball.

Of course hope reigns supreme during the summer. You never know behind the scenes how things click between wide outs and quarterbacks, and there are still three weeks left until kickoff against Northern Illinois, so lots can happen between now and then. But at least there are players to get excited about this fall, with good hands and play making ability keep a look out for wide receiver Kobay White.