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QB Anthony Brown Looks Strong After First Week Of Practice

A look at the first week of practice, Jon Quackenbos

Boston College wrapped up their first week of practice and first scrimmage (note, I did not attend), and although it’s tough to read into the reports that come out of the Athletics Office, there is some nuggets to go over.

Redshirt freshman Anthony Brown had a strong first week. According to the reports he made two really nice long passes on Friday to tight end Tommy Sweeney and true freshman wide receiver Caleb Stoneburner. Wade apparently made a huge play with his legs on Friday as well. Does this mean he is doing better that presumed starter Darius Wade? That’s hard to say, especially since it’s only the first week, and Wade has two years on Brown in the system. But it certainly is promising, especially after Wade was much stronger than Brown in the spring game. Lots can change between the spring game and summer practice, so this is certainly something to continue to monitor.

Two players that constantly show up in the practice reports are freshman running backs Travis Levy and AJ Dillon. Levy made two huge runs on Friday for touchdowns during 11 on 11 drills. He has been on campus since spring, and will most likely play a role in the offense this season. Dillon on the other hand, showed up to camp at 245 pounds and according to Steve Addazio he “can fly”.

In terms of the defense, BC Athletics had defensive backs coach Anthony Campanile to talk about what the secondary will look like, and he brings up some names BC fans may not be familiar with:

Hamp Cheevers had a great spring and that’s rolled right through the summer and into summer camp,” Campanile said. “Taj-Amir Torres is a guy like that too. He’s played some nickel, some corner. He’s a really, really speedy guy and again, a sharp dude. Medhi El Attrach is just taking the next step. He’s become a really, really good player. Gabe (McClary) is doing a lot of good things so I feel really happy about where we’re at. Brandon Sebastian has come in as a young guy and done a good job, and Jahmin Muse has really started out well.”

Worth noting that according to the reports, Sebastian had two interceptions this week.

As mentioned before on the site, Sharieff Grice has retired, which leaves an opening in the starting linebacking group. Redshirt freshman linebacker Isaiah Miranda made a nice sack on Wednesday. In terms of the defensive linemen, head coach Steve Addazio of course praised Harold Landry, but he is also excited about two other players:
“We have three really good pass rushers here,” Addazio told

Zach Allen is going to emerge on a breakout year this year. I promise you. He is an elite player. That’ll be a mistake if you turn him into a single block. Wyatt Ray is going to become an elite pass rusher in an elite conference. Those three guys are very talented.”

Finally, in terms of special teams, BC had some interesting news: “Max Schulze-Geisthovel, who played soccer for the Eagles, has been one of the pleasant suprises of camp so far. A native of Drensteinfurt, Germany, Schulze-Geisthovel has shown a strong leg on kickoffs and field goals.” For those who felt like the Eagles needed a boost in the kicking game, it looks like Mike Knoll and Colton Lichtenberg will have some competition