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Boston College Football Roundtable: Season Predictions

Are we positive or negative on the season?

NCAA Football: Boston College at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Our final round table of the preseason asks for predictions. What will the Eagles do this year? Will they improve, or will we be calling for Steve Addazio’s head by November? Here are our thoughts.

A.J. Black: I’m going to go 6-6 for this season. I think the offense will improve but not to the level that it should, I also predict at some point this season Addazio will start juggling quarterbacks which will completely screw up the offense, guessing sometime in the “buzz saw” section of the season against VT/Louisville/Clemson. I see wins against NIU/Wake/UConn/Central Michigan/UVA and either Syracuse or NC State. I still can’t figure out if they will improve against the powerhouses, god I hope they do. Fans will be left in the state they were after last season, not feeling great about the state of the program, but probably not drastic enough for Martin Jarmond to do anything about.

Matt: I like BC to go 7-5 this year, with losses to ND, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Louisville, and Florida State, although 8-4 with a win over ND is not completely out of the question. Even if they do beat ND, I’d still probably say 7 because of games like NC State or Syracuse that could be lost. It’s a tough schedule.

Coach: Ahh, the world through Maroon and Gold glasses. A year ago I called for Addazio to be gone following the Clemson catastrophe and although they rallied to get to 6-6, outside of the NC State game, there was little to be overly excited about. The schedule is tougher, yet another new QB is being broken in, going along with a more uptempo approach, the defense, even with a great pass rushing line, may be a tad weaker overall than a year ago, considering the lack of depth at linebacker and a drop against the run. Virtually every pre-season prognosticator has this team no better than 12th total in the ACC and none picking the Eagles any higher than 5th in the division. Sagarin has BC 89th in the country overall and the third worst power five team in the country, only ahead of Kansas and Purdue.

The first two weeks will be critical. I see no way to get to six wins without getting both of those games, that said, I still don’t see it. 5-7 overall, 2-6 in the division is the call and Martin Jarmond gets his first chance at a new hire.

Joe P: The schedule is brutal, and this team could go a lot of ways. Honestly, I could see anywhere from 4-8 to 9-3, mostly depending on QB play, but I'll go with an optimistic 8-4. I think an improved offensive line, deep stable of backs and better than you believe collection of receivers and tight ends help the offense take a jump. Landry and Co. should be even better than last year with an improved secondary, so I'll take BC to beat all their “peer” ACC programs, and sneak out a win over VT or ND. We shall see…

Arthur: This is very much a sink or swim year for the team. The Eagles’ schedule this year is easily the toughest in recent memory. Essentially it will boil down to the performance of the offense. If Scot Loeffler and Steve Addazio finally figure out how offense works, there is enough firepower on both sides of the football for BC to be really competitive. If BC continues to flounder, this is going to be an absolutely brutal year. Unfortunately, Addazio has not convinced me that he can run a team effectively at the ACC level. We all have rosy memories of last season because of the bowl win, but BC escaped with a win at NC State and beat a beleaguered Wake Forest team to get to .500, and that was with a far easier schedule. Essentially, what I’m saying is that we shouldn’t let a good bowl game cloud the fact that BC was not a good football team last year, and they are playing a far more difficult schedule. I say BC goes 4-8.

Eric: I’m going 6-6. The ACC obviously has some top flight teams at the top of the conference but teams like Wake Forest, Virginia and Syracuse just aren’t that good. Throw in NIU, Central Michigan and UConn and I could easily see BC getting 5 wins among the group. I’m calling for a 6-6 year.