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Boston College Football Roundtable: Defensive MVP (Non Harold Landry Edition)

What other big guy could have a big season?

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Boston College vs Maryland Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As the season gets closer let’s take a look at what the contributors at BC Interruption think about the upcoming season. Yesterday, we looked at who our projected Offensive MVP would be, today let’s take Harold Landry out of the picture and take some cracks at the defensive MVP:

A.J. Black: Kamrin Moore. While Landry is causing havoc in the backfield, this is going to force opposing quarterbacks to get rid of the ball quicker to avoid the sack, sometimes it will result in ill advised throws. BC hasn’t had a lockdown corner in years, and I think this may be the year he makes some big plays. He had two picks last year, and probably will have more this season.

Matt: Zach Allen. Landry will be doubled week in and week out because there are no offensive linemen in the country that can contain him for 60 minutes. Allen will have the opportunity to go 1 on 1 every game against the team’s weaker tackle and should be able to penetrate the backfield with relative ease.

Coach: Zach Allen. I believe this may well be the best pass rushing defensive line this program has had in the 48 years I have been going to games. That would include the Mike Mamula teams of the early to mid 90s and the Mathias Kiwanuka teams of the mid 2000s. Is Landry as good as either of them? As a pass rusher, absolutely. If you look, those players made the others around them even better. Zach Allen will be the biggest beneficiary of Landry’s presence. It should also allow Jim Reid to stay home more and protect the secondary with the linebacking corps.

Joe P: Connor Strachan can play any linebacker spot, and his combination of leadership, instincts and motor should elevate the play of that entire unit. Given that the Eagles lose Matt Milano from last year’s group, and Sharrieff Grice to retirement, Strachan’s role should increase that much more, and I expect him to deliver.

Arthur: I’m going to break the rules a little bit and say generally the secondary. Out of the top eight passing offenses in the ACC last year, BC is playing six of them. Hopefully BC won’t have to put as much on the defense like the past couple of years, but if the offense sputters out of the gate again, defending the pass could become important.