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According To ESPN Ranking BC Football Fans Are Really Miserable

Can you blame them?

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN created an interesting “Fan Happiness Index” on their site over the past week and I’m sure you can guess where Boston College lands. The Index is created by the following criteria:

  • Program Power: Combination of strength of records from 2012-2016 and current FPI compared to recent history
  • Rivalry Dominance: Combinations of wins over expectation over rivals over past five season and how FPI compares to rivals
  • Coaching Stability: How close is a coach to being fired according to stability ranking by Phil Steele
  • Recruiting Trend: How many 3, 4 and 5 stars is the team getting in current class versus expectation
  • Revenue Growth: Difference between revenue in 2016 relative to 2012-2015 average. Data derived from Department of Education Equity in Education Database
  • Twitter Buzz: Percentage of tweets that are positive based on social media sentiment analysis.

After all of that, where does Boston College fans land? 109th in the country. That is 2nd to last in the ACC (UVA is last) but still better than regional rivals UMass and lesser schools like UConn. How did they rate BC in the categories listed above? It’s not necessarily clear, but I believe it’s based on percentile rank, and they broke it down as follows:

Program Power: 43%
Rivalry (again not sure who they consider our rivals, but based on this I’m guessing Syracuse and VT?): 16%
Stability: 6% (oof)
Recruiting: 55% (makes sense after Daz has put together a pretty solid class)
Revenue: 30%
Twitter: 31%

Those numbers all seem about right given where Boston College is at right now. Fans haven’t been happy for a while, and for many the feeling of unhappiness has been around now for the better part of a decade. Has recruiting been where we have hoped it would be? No. Has BC been able to battle with their rivals? No. Has the stands thinned out? Certainly seems like it. This may be the season where this all turns around, no matter how the season turns out.