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Reports: Alumni Stadium May Begin Selling Wine and Beer

Boston College’s football stadium currently only has alcoholic beverages in boxes and suites.

Quick Lane Bowl - Boston College v Maryland Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Martin Jarmond has been the Athletic Director at Boston College for only a couple of months, but he may already have been instrumental in making a much requested change. The Boston Globe reports that Boston College is considering adding wine and beer options to concession stands in Alumni Stadium this season. Currently, fans can only purchase alcoholic beverages if they are seated in boxes or suites.

Jack Dunn told the Globe that Boston College is planning to file an amendment to its entertainment license with Boston, which would expand the university’s ability to sell alcoholic beverages at football games. The lack of alcohol sales in Alumni has been a consistent complaint among fans over the years, who feel that adding wine and beer to concession stands would be a good step in enhancing the fan experience.

The general BCI consensus on this possibility is as follows:

What are your thoughts on this potential change? Think it’s a necessary step forward to making the Alumni experience better? Worried it’ll make fans too rowdy? Will Brighton residents complain so much that this will never actually happen? Let us know in the comments!